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Zoom Cloud Meetings

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Thais Martiniano
Want a good program to make your meetings online? Discover in this article the main functions of Zoom Cloud Meetings, and how it can make your life easier!

Are you familiar with Zoom Cloud Meetings?

The internet has become an indispensable tool for communication between people. Especially with the worldwide pandemic, videoconferencing platforms have become a very useful solution. One of those platforms, Zoom Cloud Meetings, is at the top of the favourites. Want to find out how it works? So follow with us on this post!

But after all, what is Zoom Cloud Meetings for?

Zoom Cloud Meetings works more or less like a huge virtual meeting room. This way, you can make remote meetings for several people together. Today, Zoom can handle up to 500 people in the same videoconference, with excellent control and transmission.

No wonder it disputes the top of user preference. For companies, today it is one of the most functional, mainly due to the number of users it manages to integrate. Therefore, it can be an indispensable tool for courses, seminars and lectures.

How does this platform work?

Zoom Cloud Meetings works through invitation links, created by whoever initiates the meetings. Then, it is possible to restrict these invitations only with the host's release, or even leave the access free. Then, as attendees access this address, they are redirected to the platform with the meeting.

Once on the platform, you can use the microphone and camera to transmit voice and video. If it is a room with many participants, the host can restrict the use of the microphone to avoid information conflicts during the meeting. Furthermore, the host can ban and remove any member, if necessary.

This is a program that plays an excellent corporate role. Therefore, it is ideal for work meetings or studies, because the platform has several interesting functions to make the process more dynamic. It works very well, with sensational reception and transmission.

However, the quality of the internet can influence a little when using the program. That's because it relies on average quality internet, at the very least, to get it working. Therefore, always remember to check the strength and quality of your broadband before starting to broadcast.

What are the main tools of this program?

It's not enough to be a videoconference platform, it's also important to create tools to help in the process. That's why Zoom Cloud Meetings has a lot of extra features that can be useful in your meetings. So, we've separated some interesting ones for you to know:

screen broadcast

One of the interesting functions is the one that allows you to broadcast your screen. This way, you get participants to see a tab, a window, or even your full screen. You can use media features to stream with this function, streamlining presentations.

real time chat

In addition to the possibility of using the microphone and camera, during the meeting you also have the option of chatting. This way, participants are able to communicate, ask questions, or send considerations without having to open the microphone. It's a very useful way to get your meetings more organized.

Control of participants

Another super important function is that of controlling the participants. The host can mute participants, turn off cameras and even remove them from the meeting. In meetings with many guests, it can be an important tool for controlling and organizing meetings.

What are the disadvantages of using Zoom Cloud Meetings?

One of the problems with Zoom Cloud Meetings is the limitations on the free versions. In this model program, you can only include up to 100 people in meetings at a time. Also, the meetings last only 40 minutes. After time runs out, the meeting closes automatically.

To prevent this from happening, it is important to purchase the para version of the program. It is sold in a subscription format, which you pay monthly and you can access unlimited tools. So, for those who are a corporate client, it can be an excellent type of investment.

Read our platform review:

Zoom Cloud Meetings is a very useful platform that can make your remote interaction a lot easier. It works very well, with very good reception and transmission quality. It's not a difficult platform to move, nor does it wobble much during operation.

The tools are functional and play their role in streamlining the meetings. However, in terms of the interface it could be a little less polluted and with more accessibility. Other platforms like Meet have a more attractive design. It's a point for improvement, which many users point to as a nuisance.

And if you're looking for a platform to hold your virtual meetings, we still have more alternatives. There are other articles about videoconferencing programs (inserir link) for you to learn a little more. It's worth taking the time to discover how computer programs can make your life and routine easier!

我們的觀點 Zoom Cloud Meetings

This platform works differently. The free account allows four participants to attend meetings of up to 40 minutes. The connection to the account is made quickly, without the need for many steps in the process.

Scheduling meetings is a great differentiator. By connecting to Google Calendars, for example, it is easy to import meeting information so that it is not lost. The configuration, with data on access and participation, is extensive and guarantees the safety of both the person making the call and the person participating.

Because it has other features, such as a webinar, Zoom is a very complete option. In this way, it is possible to access all the data that is necessary and still make recordings of different types of videos.