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Logo Cube Escape Collection Icon
Cube Escape Collection
Face different escape rooms and see how far you can get in this incredible adventure, by downloading Cube Escape Collection apk for Android, a challenging game
Logo Spring Valley Fazenda Aventura Icon
Spring Valley Fazenda Aventura
Create your own farm, take care of the animals and produce different types of food to sell in the city, all this by downloading Spring Valley Farm Adventure on Android.
Logo Runaway Toad Icon
Runaway Toad
Help the frog escape from the kissing princess by downloading Runaway Toad apk for Android. Check here all about this adventure and how the app works
Logo My Virtual Pet Shop: Animais Icon
My Virtual Pet Shop: Animais
Take care of all the animals and use all your agility to manage your business by downloading My virtual pet shop: animals apk for Android
Logo Flying Squirrel Icon
Flying Squirrel
Help the squirrel collect all the nuts in this super cute challenge. By downloading Flying Squirrel apk for Android, enjoy an adventure full of ups and downs
Logo Abduction! Icon
Take the cows to the mother ship so they can be abducted and don't let them fall to the ground by downloading Abduction apk, an adventure from another planet
Logo Island Empire - Estratégia Icon
Island Empire - Estratégia
A chess game where the board is your village and who determines the winner is your strategy. See the advantages of downloading Island Empire - Strategy apk
Logo Royal Castle: Ataque na Cidade Icon
Royal Castle: Ataque na Cidade
Send your armies to fight the enemy troops that want to dominate your territory and show your mastery of battles by downloading Royal Castle: City Attack
Logo Death Book Icon
Death Book
Write the name of your enemies in your notebook so that they meet their end by downloading Death Book apk for Android, a sinister action game to eliminate enemies
Logo Falling Cubes Icon
Falling Cubes
Tetris game for Android in a more updated version and full of new features, by downloading Falling Cubes apk, beat your own records.
Logo Teddies Icon
A battle between stuffed animals, where the champion is the one with the most skills. See how it works by downloading Teddies apk on Android and play right now
Logo Spirit Run Icon
Spirit Run
Help the warriors of light and let your animal spirit flow by downloading Spirit Run apk for Android, a rush-style adventure full of incredible challenges
Logo Grandpa And Granny House Escape Icon
Grandpa And Granny House Escape
Escape the evil old men who have trapped you and find your way out of this scary house by downloading Grandpa and Granny Home Escape apk for Android
Logo Mouse Trap Icon
Mouse Trap
Help the little mouse to escape the traps using good strategies and logical thinking by downloading Mouse Trap apk for Android, a game that will waste your neurons
Logo PPSSPP Icon
Greetings from the PSP? So now you can have your own PlayStation on your computer using the PPSSPP emulator. See how it works in this post!
Logo Cat Heroes - Merge Defense Icon
Cat Heroes - Merge Defense
Match the kittens and their powers to advance through each level. With Cat Merge - Merge Defense apk you can have fun and use all your intelligence in this app
Logo Dicedom - Block Puzzle Icon
Dicedom - Block Puzzle
Deliver good strategies, earn an impressive score by playingDicedom - Block Puzzle on Android and count on a little luck.
Logo Tribe Boy: Jungle Adventure Icon
Tribe Boy: Jungle Adventure
Take on a forest adventure full of dangers and many challenges by downloading Tribe Boy: Jungle Adventure apk for Android, an incredible action game
Logo Fish Story: Save the Lover Icon
Fish Story: Save the Lover
Help the little fish to get rid of challenges and find true love by downloading Fish Story: Save the lover on your Android devices and enjoy this app
Logo Factory World Icon
Factory World
Construa your wood and energy empire using your mobile phone by downloading Factory World apk on Android. Check out everything about how the app works here.
Logo Scary Teacher 3D Icon
Scary Teacher 3D
Make your scary teacher pay for all the wrongs by downloading Scary Teacher 3D apk for Android and don't let her catch you doing something wrong
Logo Reactor - Usina Elétrica Icon
Reactor - Usina Elétrica
Build and manage your own energy factory using your best strategies by downloading Reactor - Power Plant apk for Android, check out how it works!
Logo Hex Takeover Icon
Hex Takeover
Show all your strategy skills in a different puzzle by downloading Hex Takeover for your Android devices. See how it works!
Logo Mega Rampa corrida de carro Icon
Mega Rampa corrida de carro
Race on thrilling tracks and come first on the podium to earn the best rewards when you download Mega Ramp Car Racing for Android.
Logo Merge Rush Z Icon
Merge Rush Z
Protect your home from the scary zombies that want to destroy the world, using all your strategy by downloading Merge Rush Z apk to your Android.
Logo Block Puzzle Amazon Icon
Block Puzzle Amazon
Place pieces in different ways without leaving any spaces and get lots of points to free trapped animals in Block Puzzle Amazon for Android.
Logo Brick Out - Shoot the ball Icon
Brick Out - Shoot the ball
Fire a ball machine gun aiming to clear a platform full of blocks in Brick Out - Shoot the ball game for Android devices.
Logo Magnet Shoot Icon
Magnet Shoot
Use the magnets to finish off your enemies and don't let them attack you. See how to download Magnet Shoot on Android and have fun!
Logo Sacrifices Icon
Help the cannibals form their new tribe and don't let them get lost in the forest by downloading Sacrifices apk on Android, check out everything about the app
Logo O Sobrevivente da Pequena Ilha Icon
O Sobrevivente da Pequena Ilha
Gather resources, craft your tools and prove yourself to be a wild beast by downloading Little Island Survivor for Android, an incredible adventure