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GTA San Andreas

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Thais Martiniano
In this article we show you a little of how GTA San Andreas works, one of the best action games from Rockstar. It

Learn how to play GTA San Andreas on your computer!

If you're into action, open world adventure games, you're going to love this one! GTA San Andreas is one of the most popular games in the segment, with millions of players around the world. Its versatility and dynamics are the main reasons for its success. If you want to know a little more about this game, just keep reading this article.

What is GTA San Andreas?

GTA San Andreas is an open-world action-style game where you can play in different ways. It is Rockstar's fifth release in the franchise, enjoying immense popularity. Today, it is one of the most downloaded games, and it is definitely worth knowing more about the game modes.

Basically, the game's story follows C.J., who after all his involvement with drug trafficking and gangs, decides to leave Los Santos. So when he arrives in the city of San Andreas, he believes that things will change, but it seems that the past accompanies him to continue in the same life.

Therefore, you will need to guide the character through various missions. We won't give too much spoiler here about the story, but we can say that it involves several elements: making contacts, getting money, driving a lot of amazing vehicles and shooting a lot to survive.

How do I play GTA?

There are a few different modes for you to be able to play: story, free or roleplay. In this way, who decides what best fits your expectations is yourself. You can enjoy alone, or even with friends, and still create amazing stories using the game's dynamics, check out the modes:

story mode

The story mode in GTA San Andreas is the traditional one, where you'll need to follow missions to be able to evolve in the game. As the game progresses, you will open more missions and locations on the map, and earn more and more money and respect (or not) with the local gangs.

Therefore, here it is necessary to follow the timeline correctly, and be able to go through the missions. If you can't, you need to start all over again until you can move on to the story. It's one of the most popular modes, and when you're done, you can start again, on different difficulties.

Free mode

The free mode is for those who are tired of finishing the story mode and want a little more excitement. That way, you can enjoy getting to know every corner of the game, and explore much more than just using the traditional mode. It's perfect for passing the time, and making a lot of messes in the process.

So to play the story mode you'll just need to go around and do what you want. Steal and blow up cars, interact with NPCs on the street, move around the city. You are the one who sets the limit for your actions. Also, you can try to earn extra money by robbing people in the street. But beware of the police, because they will try to arrest you!

FiveM (Play GTA Roleplay)

Another mode that has become quite popular is Roleplay (RP), through GTA mods. One of them, the FiveM, is the most popular. Using this program together with GTA, you can play with other people, on official and unofficial servers. That way, you can interact with other players and create an alternate reality.

Most servers ask you to create a character, with a story of its own. So, you're going to come into town, act and speak like your character. Most of the time it is forbidden to leave acting, and you can have any profession and destiny you want. It's a lot of fun and admits of countless possibilities.

Find out our opinion about GTA San Andreas:

GTA San Andreas is a very versatile game, in which you can discover different ways to enjoy and have fun. It's worth downloading, and even more enjoying moments playing. The game works super well, and has no major glitches or major bugs. So you can enjoy it without any major problems.

However, in the case of computers with poor performance, you don't have the same gameplay as on machines with a medium configuration and above. Therefore, it is important to consider your equipment before downloading, because GTA requires a good graphics card, memory and processor.

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