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aTube Catcher

DsNET Corp. 2007 3.8.9841
  • License Free
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  • Downloads 1.274
  • Size 24.98MB
  • Update 18.02.2021
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aTube Catcher

Version 3.8.9841 Free
Funciona em: Windows
Downloads : 1.274 Atualizado em : 18.02.2021 DsNET Corp. 2007


Download videos and music straight from the internet to your computer with aTube Catcher!

The time has come to meet aTube Catcher. The program is known due to the many tools offered, as well as the ease of understanding the commands.

Unsure whether or not to download aTube Catcher? We tested the program and brought all our impressions, highlighting the positive and negative aspects of the program. Check out!

aTube Catcher: how it works
The program is the largest and best known on the market when it comes to converting videos and this is due to its many functions, all integrated in one place.

The first and most famous tool is to download videos directly from YouTube. With aTube, you can choose exactly the format you need, from MP3 and MP4, the most common, to more specific formats, such as for XBOX 360 MOV Video.

To do this, just copy the video link in question and paste it into the aTube download bar. Choose the output format and the file will be downloaded directly.

Convert videos with Atube Catcher
In addition, aTube Catcher also allows you to convert videos that are on the user's computer to their preferred format. As previously stated, several options are offered for better use, just upload it to the program, choose the output format and press “convert” so that the process is carried out quickly.

For those who like to record the computer screen while playing or doing any other activity, aTube Catcher also offers this option. For that, it is necessary to go to the “Screen Recorder” menu and choose preferences, such as the area to be recorded and the format of the final video. When everything is properly prepared, just click on "start".

The final file, when recording is stopped, is saved in the computer's video folder, something that the user can also modify according to their preferences.

Even with so many functions presented, the program does not stop there! ATube Catcher also offers other great tools, such as the possibility to create a CD / DVD file straight from your computer in an easy way. To do this, you only need to drag the files from your computer and press the option to "save" to have your compiled in one place.

ATube Catcher has managed to attract the option of millions of users over time and has been improving more and more, making it the most practical program when it comes to converting and downloading videos.

我們的觀點 aTube Catcher

Download aTube Cacther
The application is famous worldwide for its variety and our tests confirm this appreciation. They are diverse tools, with extremely simple commands that make the experience perfect even for those who do not have much contact with technology.

However, the interface is not very inviting and the small tutorials in the program are confusing, mainly due to the language formed by disconnected terms and often, without objectivity.

Despite this, it is possible to move between functions smoothly. We highly recommend downloading aTube Catcher!


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