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Thais Martiniano
an alternative version of the most used messaging app. YoWhatsApp is an application full of more features to enjoy.

YoWhatsApp: an alternative version, multiple features.

WhatsApp is an app that has become such a phenomenon that other developers copy it. Thus, YoWhatsApp was born, an app based on the original WhatsApp source code. It has several more functions, but it also has some risks.

So, if you want to know the advantages and disadvantages of this app, just keep reading this article until the end.

But, what is the story behind YoWhatsApp?

Like many other communication apps, YoWhatsApp was created from the original WhatsApp source code. Thus, it works as if it were a “clone” of the original app, but as it is not regulated, it has several other different functions and options.

So it basically works for sending messages and files in private conversations and groups. You can also send audios, images, PDFs and other types of documents. However, it has some extra functions, such as several options to customize the app's design.

Because it is a “parallel” version, it is not available on the Android app store, Playstore. The only way to install it on your device is through the .apk files. These files are available from app download sites like ours here.

However, this may give third parties access to your information. As it is not regulated, there is no one who controls the data or how it is used. Therefore, be careful when choosing a font to download.

What are the advantages of using YoWhatsApp?

One of the great advantages over other applications is the amount of optimized functions it has. When compared to other regular apps, it has tools that improve app performance.

Your contacts don't need to download the app as it also works for those who only have the original version of the app. Which can be great so you don't have to import your contacts, or just chat with people who also have the application installed.

Also, it has a much higher limit than the original app for uploading files. It supports up to 700MB of data sent in each file, which is a considerable difference. It also allows you to send documents in formats that the original does not support, such as .ZIP.

Another advantage is that you can customize almost the entire application. Colors, fonts, images used, all of this can be the way you choose. You are the boss when it comes to YoWhatsApp, almost everything is as you want it to be.

Still, other cool features are the possibility to choose who can or cannot call you in your app, and even if someone sends you a message and deletes it, the system can circumvent this. So even if the contact uses the delete for all function, you will still see the message.

Are there any risks if I download the app?

First of all, because it comes from a source other than the download store, you need to get the app from another source. Basically, all Android phones come with the option to install apps from external sources blocked.

Therefore, when you want to have YoWhatsApp, you will have to disable this function and change your device's settings. In this way, it can be much more exposed to interference from viruses, hackers and other malicious people.

Also, when you download and install the app, you are automatically breaking WhatsApp's terms of service. So if you get caught using a parallel version, you could be permanently banned from the original app. This is because these versions are like pirated alternatives, which is not allowed.

If you are banned from regular WhatsApp, you will no longer be able to use the app with your phone number. In this way, you will lose all your conversations, stickers and data, without the right to a new backup.

我們的觀點 YoWhatsApp

Is it worth it or not to have YoWhatsApp?

This depends a lot on how much you are willing to risk to use an app, and how much more features will be advantageous to you. However, this is all very relative according to what you need, expect from an app and what good it can offer you in relation to the original app.

First of all, you can try testing the app on another phone number or device, if available. This will give you more or less an idea of ​​how it works, without you having to harm yourself. Maybe it doesn't add up to much for you, and ends up being banned from the regular app?

As for the way it works, there isn't much different. It works fine and doesn't have many dynamics issues. The extra functions are very interesting and useful, and the customization makes the app your own, which is a good attraction.

Also, if you want to know other application options that can be super functional for your routine, here we have it. On the site we have several other applications that you can see just by clicking on this link (inserir link). If you have any questions, contact the team and we'll help you.