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HeyMods 20.10.01
  • License Free
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  • Downloads 324.588
  • Size 46.00 MB
  • Update 13.05.2022
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Version 20.10.01 Free
46.00 MB
Funciona em: Android
Downloads : 324.588 Atualizado em : 13.05.2022 HeyMods


Thais Martiniano
An alternative version of WhatsApp with several new features

YoWhatsApp is an application that works as an alternative version of WhatsApp messenger. Using the app, users gain several extra features that will change the way they interact with their messages.

With YoWhatsApp on your device, you can access your messages through the app's own interface, which is basically a clone of the original WhatsApp app with several new features.

Among the features that YoWhatsApp offers are the possibility of viewing messages that have been deleted in conversations, adding several personalized themes and several new emoticons that can be used in your messages. But you need not worry about how to use YoWhatsApp, since the most common functions are accessed in exactly the same way as in the original messenger.

The app changes one of the limitations of the WhatsApp messenger making it possible to forward your messages to a larger number of users at once, which by default the messenger offers a very limited amount for this option. YoWhatsApp still makes it possible for you to watch videos forwarded from Youtube without leaving the messaging application interface.

In addition to all the functions you get when using YoWhatsApp, the app changes the look of your messenger making your appearance completely customizable and a lot of fun. How about changing the way you interact with your messages and with your friends, with many security items and functions that allow you to make the usability of Whatsapp even more personalized?

Important: when using YoWhatsApp, the official WhatsApp app stops accessing your account on the service.

我們的觀點 YoWhatsApp

Privacy and personalization
Following the line of other apps in the segment, YoWhatsApp has tools that make using Whats much more versatile, but in this regard the app is not much different from other options available. Basically, users now have access to more options for settings and privacy tools, which is very useful for those who make advanced use of the messenger.

Whether for professional use or to have more options when using the messaging app, YoWhatsApp can be an interesting option to add more personality to your WhatsApp. The privacy tools are very interesting and the possibility of sending files with larger volumes can be very relevant in several scenarios.


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