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Thais Martiniano
Do you know how to use all the tools that Youtube offers to help? Surely you already know, but in this article we will show you the features of the app!

Learn more about Youtube tools!

YouTube is the most accessed digital video platform around the world. With this online tool, you can watch all kinds of videos you want, series and novel chapters, self-help tutorials and much more. With youtube you have at hand a complete application that offers you a lot of entertainment and information.

If you want to know everything about the app, we'll show you all the shortcuts for you to enjoy much more from Youtube.

How does Youtube work?

Youtube is a social network used by millions of people around the world, where its users share and watch various types of videos. The tool is a product developed and launched on the market in 2005, and purchased by the company Google in 2006 due to its success.

The platform is the absolute leader in the video sharing market. After being purchased in 2006 by Google, its app is available to everyone who uses the company's platform. Thus, its user in most situations does not even have to worry about downloading the tool.

The central idea of ​​using the digital platform is to be a television full of video channel options made by all its users. With this, you are the one who commands the content productions, shares and receives comments on everything that is posted.

What are the coolest tools on Youtube?

The first contact with Youtube is most of the time to watch and learn about content. The research magnifying glass is the first tool to use. With it, you search for content through keywords to make the results easier and faster.

With this, the user, usually already registered on the Google platform, and identified access, starts to build history and profile, which can be consulted on the start button, house icon. In this way, the application intelligently suggests channel and video options according to the profile in progress.

So we can already talk about the Action, Library and Explore buttons. In the library, you'll find your entire history of videos and channels accessed, as well as records of shared content, even posted by you. But this we will talk

Another Explore action button, a compass, allows you to access suggested content according to the profile being developed. That way, you'll be on top of everything that's found in the special categories of videos and channels.

According to the results of surveys made and the profile you are developing, you can activate notifications from the channels you liked the most. Through the bell icon, you activate notifications of content that is new to suggested channels and videos.

If you really like this channel, a good option is to subscribe and stay on top of all the content produced. The subscription icon allows for greater convenience in finding channels that you like a lot and not wasting time to be up to date with the news.

Another very cool YouTube tool is video streaming over Wi-Fi connection. Through the transmit icon, rectangle with network signal, you connect your mobile device or tablet to a smart television. With this, you can check the content with the highest quality watching it in an expanded way.

What else can you do on Youtube?

In order for you to have greater interaction with the platform, and also with users, a really cool decision is to create your own channel. That way, you can share videos with the subjects and content you like, as well as post your own content.

The camera icon, create, suggests to the user the option of posting produced videos or making live streams of content. That way, everyone gets to know about your ideas and work that you usually develop, maybe even gain followers.

What are the advantages?

Users who use YouTube to promote themselves or give visibility to a brand will certainly get a return. The online video tool connects the entire world, and with it, the visualization achieves results greater than famous platforms and apps.

Youtube allows its users to make the platform an interesting way to use it as a work tool and thus earn some money. Thousands of Streamers daily post targeted content and make their income, whether monetized by the platform, donations or even sponsors.

The channel must comply with internal, privacy and content transmission policies. Thus, users must be careful not to receive blocks from their channels and thus may suffer even stricter punishment.

What is the app's rating?

Both for those who want to have fun with the available content, as well as for those looking for a platform to gain visibility, Youtube is very good. The application offers many cool options for you to stay on top of all the topics and videos that are going viral on the internet.

In this way, the application and social network works to better serve its users every day, so that it can bring content with the best quality to everyone. Thus, the platform guarantees full support for its users to clear all their doubts about accessing and sharing various contents.

With this, Youtube serves all its users very well, especially those who seek partnerships in its channels. Offering a lot of entertainment and fun with a lot of responsibility and technology for everyone.



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