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Google LLC 16.28.37
  • License Free
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  • Downloads 143
  • Size 99.21MB
  • Update 25.07.2021
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Version 16.28.37 Free
Funciona em: Android
Downloads : 143 Atualizado em : 25.07.2021 Google LLC


O gigante dos videos no seu smartphone

YouTube is the official Google app for you to access on your Android the most famous social video sharing network in the world. Alone, the service is responsible for more than 50% of the traffic of videos streaming across the internet.

On the home screen, the app automatically shows videos recommended to you according to your preferences. To view your channels and the full options panel, just swipe from left to right.

One of the biggest news of the last version is that it is now possible to search while a video is playing. To do this, just click on the “Minimize” button when the device is horizontal or slide your finger from top to bottom when the gadget is vertical, placing the video in a small window in the lower right corner of the display.

So, when you want to search for a new video to watch, you don't have to interrupt the execution of what is being shown at that moment. Either way, it is easy to close the small playback window by dragging it to the left.

The new version of the application also brought some changes to the interface, which gained navigation "cards" and now follows a pattern very similar to that seen on Google+, demonstrating that Google is trying to unify a visual standard for its main products.

我們的觀點 Youtube

If you're a card fan of Google's social video sharing network, the new version of YouTube for Android can't be missing from your gadget. With a streamlined look and background playback, the app offers an incredibly satisfying experience.

The usability is very good and agile, since both in horizontal and vertical mode the program gives priority to the video lists, which have clear images of good size and show the title and the number of views of each item.

Intuitive and complete
The tool panel on the left is also essential for more advanced people, as you can access playlists, history, favorites and channels with just one touch. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to create temporary playlists, with play queues - something that can already be seen on YouTube for TVs, PlayStation and Chromecast.

Despite this limitation, the program ensures that newer devices can play high definition videos smoothly. However, if your connection is not very stable, the app automatically reduces the quality to avoid problems - just as it does in the web version. If you want to download videos from YouTube, use the SnapTube app


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