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Toca Life: World

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Thais Martiniano
Are you looking for a game with a lot of interactivity that awakens children's creativity? Then get to know Toca Life World.

Learn how to play Toca Life World

Toca life World is a mobile game application designed for children to have fun creating stories and a world full of different scenarios. This is a children's app that can be downloaded on both the Android device platforms and the iOS system. At Toca Life World, you as an adult can play with your children by putting together several stories with lots of interactivity offered by the application. The producer Toca Boca guarantees total security with the use of the application.

Create a world of stories with Toca Life World.

Toca Life World is a children's game created for children over 6 years old. Its objective is to work on the creativity of the little ones, giving enormous freedom so that various little stories are assembled in a totally fun world.

The application was created by the producer Toca Boca to run on the main platforms, Android and iOS, to reach all children with ease. The game was created with a very simple and intuitive platform, inducing the child to have a lot of interactivity and fun.

The children's game has been gaining a lot of success among children, and with this the number of downloads of the application increases their numbers. The producer Toca Boca has already won several awards for success with its children's games, reaching numbers of more than 200 million downloads.

Knowing Toca Life World?

The idea of ​​the game is to create a world full of stories to tell, and interact with the game's various action button options. The first thing is to understand the homepage, the house, home or menu, where we find 6 action buttons.

On the left side of the screen, at the top of the game, you'll find the button that looks more like an advertisement, it's Toca Life Mix. This action button is an interactivity point, where you'll find videos of the game on Youtube, surveys about the game and children's interactive items.

In the middle of the screen, at the bottom, we find a green dot icon with a shopping cart. This icon is the in-game market! It is by clicking on it that you open the options to purchase more characters, items, pets and new scenario packs such as beach and arcades.

On the right side of the screen, at the top, we find 3 action buttons, back or undo, which is an orange ball with a curved arrow to the left. We found the white ball with a child and an adult, which is where important game information about the company, game options and how to play can be found.

You will also have the gear inside a white ball, which is the game settings button. In this button you configure the game sounds among other functions, one of the most important being the option to activate and deactivate online purchases. Pay close attention with this option!

Finally, in the middle of the screen, a blue ball with a white triangle lying on it, you will have play to start the game and start creating the world of stories. Thus, you will go to a screen with scenario options ready to start creating a world and its little stories.

The game: Creating a world and stories!

On this first page you will be able to create 3 characters to start playing. To do this, you must click on the button that is a red ball with a doll inside, in the upper right corner of the screen. You can completely modify the characters, both in their physical characteristics, as in their clothing and accessories.

Choose the scenario you want and start putting together your stories with a lot of creativity. At the bottom right of the screen, a sign-shaped action button, a little yellow ball with people on it, is called a sidewalk, which by clicking you add or remove characters in the scene.

The game allows full interactivity to help children in the creative process of their stories. In this way, you can make changes from day to night by clicking on the sun, or turn night into day by clicking on the moon. Rotating through the city options, you'll find places to build your house, have snacks and interact with various action options.

To build your house, you identify the neighborhood to build by the blue ball button with the plus symbol. After selecting a hammer with a plus sign will appear at the bottom in the middle of the screen, click and choose the available house option. To build your house, you must click on the green shopping cart, this will show you free options and products that you can buy at very affordable prices.

In the scenes you will have complete freedom to insert and remove characters, changing the scene and changing objects. If your little story starts to get too confusing, just click on the reset button, an orange ball with a curved arrow pointing to the left.


The children's app download is available on Android systems, through the Google Play Store, and iOS through the App Store, ready to be used on tablets, cell phones and computers. The application is very light, and therefore, does not compromise the operation of the devices, thus causing slowdowns or crashing the system.