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Thais Martiniano
With TikTok you share videos and music with fun stories and filters

TikTok is a social network developed to create short videos, with the possibility of adding music and sounds to your edits. With the app, you can share your creations with other users of the platform, collect likes and followers.

Right from the start, the application itself offers accounts that have videos on the rise so you can start getting to know videos from other creators. On the Tik Tok home screen, by clicking and dragging from bottom to top, you access the next available content. To access more content from that same person just drag the screen from right to left to access your profile.

Tik Tok How It Works
In addition to the shortcuts, for each video there is a button to follow the creator, like, comment and share. If the video in question has a recognizable song or sound, it also has a button to accompany other videos that use the same song.

TikTok also offers you to view the feed of only people you follow, search for people or hashtags and a space dedicated to private messages. The app offers basic edits for short videos that can be made directly within TikTok, as well as fun filters to make your creations more interesting.


However, as it became more popular, TikTok became an option for many users. Worldwide, it is the fastest growing network in number of users.

Plus, you can capture the funniest TikTok videos through the SnapTik app, where you have the availability to record them whenever you want!

我們的觀點 TikTok

Download TikTok
It may seem that Downloading TikTok is just to have another social network on your phone. However, the app's options set it apart from the competition. The way to record and edit videos captivates the user.

Another point that differentiates this app is the way challenges are launched. The possibility of duets creates funny and challenging situations. Because of this option, interaction with the public is greater.

Another difference that makes downloading TikTok a different experience is its feed. Not only is it possible to interact with followers, but you can access a multitude of differentiated content. The only problem is the number of challenge videos that appear.

In addition, this is still a developing social network, which means having fewer advertisements and boosted posts. There is already a culture of influencers within the app, but while running the feed, it is possible to identify both verified accounts, with thousands of likes on the videos, and content from small accounts.