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Temple Run

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Thais Martiniano
If you like infinite running games that require a lot of concentration and skill, then you need to play Temple Run trail adventures.

Stay on top of Temple Run gameplay!

You need to know one of the most famous infinite running games in the application game scenario, Temple Run. Escape from the demon monkeys, dodging various obstacles and accumulating many relics in gold coins.

Temple Run is a classic hit game app of all time available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Want to know more about this adventure, just keep following this article.

Do you already know the Temple Run game?

Temple Run is one of the greatest hits of run-style games, full of adventures and challenges and of course a lot of running. This super famous game was developed by the application producer Imangi Studios in 2013 and made it available to run on iOS, Android and Windows Phone systems.

The application features a display with very interesting graphics, making the platform very pleasant to play. The game's resolution is developed and presented by the producer in 3D with great quality.

Find out all about this fast-paced, challenging adventure game that is very reminiscent of the Indiana Jones movies. Find out how to play Temple Run and other cool game details in this article.

The Temple Run Adventure!   

The game's adventure story is told in the platform launch presentation. A bounty hunter archaeologist explores unknown ruins and temples. In the midst of all the investigation of this place, Our character finds a relic and steals it.

This item called the cursed idol belongs to a group of demon monkeys, and they will run after you to retrieve it. Now yes! It is explained why so much running in this adventure full of obstacles and challenges.

Run as far as you can in this endless run of Temple Run. In the midst of this desperate escape, you will find many other relics like gold coins. Dodge the obstacles and show all your skill to secure many relics.

These coin relics are very important, they can help you get equipment and more items. Also, you can use them to unlock other characters in the game.

How to play Temple Rush?

As mentioned before, Temple Rush is a game of the infinite run genre, with a lot of action and adventure. While most other games in the genre are available in 2D, clearly one of the reasons for its success is its 3D resolution format.

To play the adventures of this endless run, download Temple Run. The Game is available for free on iOS, Android and Windows Phone Platforms. Here on this blog you will find support to download and start playing.

Really the application presents quite ease of how to play Temple Rush. Even so, you will need to be very attentive and show good reflexes, and of course, show skill in commands.

During the escape lived in the game, you command your character avoiding various types of obstacles. Sideways movements with the cell phone, as if laying the device down, snakes the character down the path.

Dragging your finger up on the screen makes your character perform jumps while dodging something. Likewise, just by dragging your finger down on the screen, you will be dodging your character using the slip technique.

The movements of dragging the finger on the screen to the sides, are to change the character's direction according to the course of the track seen ahead. So, the most important thing for you to escape and go as far as possible in this escape is to have a lot of attention and reflex.

Tips for playing!

Capture the maximum amount of gold coin relics and other bonuses available on the trails. It's these relics that will help you equip and improve your character during trail escapes. With the same relics you will also be able to unlock more characters to play with.

Enjoy the game, play a lot. Practice in your spare time and show your friends all your skills in Temple Run. The more used to the game, the better the results and the greater the rewards. With these little tips you will become an ace in this cool game.

Important informations!

A super cool and interesting tip that we give on our blogs is to guide future players to look for and watch videos on the game's streaming platforms. Thus, you discover game information, gameplay and more when you decide to download Temple Run.

Search, look for information about the compatibility of the game, your smartphone or tablet, and find out if your device has enough capacity to run the application. This will make a huge difference both for having fun with the game without crashes or for overloading your device causing problems in its use.



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