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Thais Martiniano
A battle between stuffed animals, where the champion is the one with the most skills. See how it works by downloading Teddies apk on Android and play right now

Enter a stuffed animal battle and win

A super cute action game is what you find when you download Teddies apk on Android. To understand if it is really good, we tested how the app works and we leave the best advantages and disadvantages here, be sure to see what they are.


What is the Teddies app?

The Teddies app is an action game for one or two players, in the offline local multiplayer version. The main dynamics are fights between stuffed animals, in matches with up to 4 players vying for first place.


The application does not require internet to work, which means that you will only compete against the machine in singleplayer mode. Thus, the main objective is to eliminate the other opponents as many times as possible to be the champion of each round.


How to play Teddies on Android?

To play Teddies, you'll use the left-hand directional pad to move your character around the scene. So, you need to find and collect some of the weapons that drop during the game:


  • baton: ease of reach and fast dynamics;
  • shotgun: wider range, with low mobility;
  • bazooka: single shot, with little mobility.


Once you're armed, you can start eliminating your opponents. But be careful, the scenario has no borders and if you fall or are attacked, you will need to go back and collect other equipment again and run away from enemies.


Check out how to download Teddies apk on Android

Now that you know the dynamics of the game, how about downloading Teddies apk on Android? To do this, just download it through the link in this content. Take the opportunity to test and discover the best strategies to win matches alone or with your friends.


  • graphic quality;
  • offline local multiplayer mode;
  • does not require internet to function;
  • free app;
  • has no ads;
  • simple gameplay.


  • character mobility.

我們的觀點 Teddies

Find out what we think about the app

After testing the Teddies apk app, we checked some important points about how it works. First, the dynamics are very good and fun, with an offline multiplayer mode to have fun with friends.


In addition, the controls are very simple and dynamic, which makes the gameplay even more fluid. Another very cool point is the way the matches take place, with few elements and the total focus on combat between players.


However, there is a negative point in the dynamics of the game, which is the mobility of weapons and range. For example, you can only shoot in a certain direction, without being able to aim at opponents. Bigger weapons end up being left behind, like the bazooka.


Looking at all the features of the game, we can say that the negative points are small in relation to the good mechanics it offers. Therefore, it is worth downloading Teddies apk on Android and discovering a super fun action game for your entertainment.