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Suas selfies com o melhor editor de fotos em tempo real

Learn how to use Sweet Selfie, one of the most famous image editors

Photo editing apps are a worldwide craze, and a lot of people are looking to improve their images. Therefore, the number of applications for this purpose in the download stores has grown a lot. One of the options is Sweet Selfie, an editor full of tools and functions.

So if you want to understand how this app can help improve your photos, you've come to the perfect place! In this post we separate the main functions, advantages and disadvantages of using the Sweet Selfie image editor, check it out!

How does Sweet Selfie work?

Sweet Selfie is a very popular image editor, and over 100 million users have already downloaded it from the app stores. It features the original version, and now also the mini model, to save space on some devices. User ratings are excellent, with a high level of satisfaction.

Basically, this app allows you to take photos and make customizations any way you want. Your creativity is what sets the limit for using the tools in this app. So, when you open the app, you can already use a photo from your gallery, or even take one and preview how the effect would look.

And what are the main tools in this app?

The Application has several effects, filters, distortions and several other ways to customize your images. Some of them are available for free, others only in the paid version. So, check out what you can do with your photos using Sweet Selfie:

  • Insert borders and backgrounds using the effect tool;
  • Make collages and photo montages;
  • It is possible to place stickers and stickers directly on the image;
  • Several effects in the beautify tool: reduce face, slim down, put on makeup;
  • Automatic correction tool and suggested corrections.

It does not stop there! There are still many other features for you to enjoy in the Sweet Selfie app. Just download and get started to learn what all of them can do for you and your photos. But what will be the advantages and disadvantages of this application? If you want to know what they are, just keep reading this article!

But what is Sweet Selfie good at?

This application has several very interesting functions and is very useful to make your edits. But there are some very important points when talking about the advantages it brings. Therefore, we have separated the main benefits of using this app, so you can understand how it can help you:

free app

Despite having a paid version where you need to subscribe, the app has no upfront costs. In other words, you can start using the functions released in free mode and if you like it, then you can subscribe. So, if you need basic edits to make your images more beautiful, you can do it without any problems.

Ease of use

Another very important advantage of Sweet Selfie is that it is very easy to use. The layout was all developed to make it easier to find the tools. In addition, the app is very intuitive and you can understand very well how to find what you need. So users don't need many processes to edit their photos.

Many functions available

Another really cool thing is the amount of functions that are available in Sweet Selfie. As we mentioned, the free version is a little more limited, but it still has a good variety of tools. That way, you don't need other apps to edit your photos, because this one is pretty complete.

Sharing on social media

Also, there is the possibility for you to share your Sweet Selfie creations in many different ways. You can forward via email, messaging app and even to your social networks. So, not only can you save your favorite edited images, you can also share them on profiles to impress your friends.

Are there any disadvantages to using Sweet Selfie?

One of the problems with using this app is that it is very limited in the free version. This way, most of the functions are restricted to the paid version and you can only access as a pro user. So, it can be a bit annoying to want to use the effects and not be able to, if you don't want to subscribe.

Another downside about Sweet Selfie is the amount of ads it features. This happens in the free version, and it's a marketing strategy for the app. That's because you can be so bothered by the ads that you subscribe to the paid version too to get rid of them.

If I download, will it be worth using Sweet Selfie?

The application works super well, without crashes or execution failures. If you can't run it on your device, there is still the mini version that is adapted for cellphones with less memory. So, it's definitely worth using an app that's all optimized, full of cool features and works great.

But if you want to see other cool options for articles about image editors (insert link), here you find it. On the site we have interesting alternatives and even more apps that can help you treat and customize your photos. The important thing is that you look for what is best for your expectations!



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