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Logo Super Mario 2 Hd Icon

Super Mario 2 HD

Memory Makers 1
  • License Free
  • 0
  • Downloads 3.600
  • Size 73.32MB
  • Update 08.12.2020
Logo Super Mario 2 Hd Icon

Super Mario 2 HD

Version 1 Free
Funciona em: Android
Downloads : 3.600 Atualizado em : 08.12.2020 Memory Makers


Incrível fangame inspirado no herói da Nintendo
Super Mario 2 HD is an unofficial game designed by fans and based on the range of titles initiated by Super Mario Bros Wii, which keeps its traditional 2D design but includes 3D graphics. The title incorporates graphics and sounds from previous installments, however, it is not an emulator and has been designed from scratch using the Unity game engine. The best-known features from the saga remain intact, although the settings are never-before-seen variations of worlds found in different official titles. Even though the game is free, the monetization system is built around the fact that you have to wait in order to recover lost lives. With the coins you earn as you play, you are able to purchase more lives, or exchange them for added feature such as extra characters. Peach, Luigi, or Toad can also be selected. Super Mario 2 HD is one of the best fangames you can find on Android. Plus, the controls are well-adapted for touchscreen devices and you can choose between two kinds of virtual sticks, which can even be customized.


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