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Subway Surfers

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Thais Martiniano
If you really like games full of adventures and lots of challenges, Subway Surfers may be what you're looking for, and we'll keep you posted on this blog.

Do you already know the Subway Surfers game?

Subway Surfers game is a game application developed and launched in 2012 in partnership with the companies Sybo Games and Kiloo. The objective of the game is to participate in an infinite obstacle race, full of difficulties, taking a journey full of adventures through the biggest cities in the world. So, were you interested in doing a tour surfing the biggest cities in the world, in a really cool way? So continue reading the article and learn more about this game.

What is Subway Surfers?

Subway Surfers is a game created in the form of an application, developed for mobile phones and tablets. Its launch took place in 2012 for Android, iOS and Windows Phone users. The game was created by two companies, Sybo Games and was co-produced by Kiloo.

The game takes the user to participate in a totally unusual adventure, traveling on a board. With this, your character makes an infinite tour through various cities in the world, the surprise is the obstacles and difficulties you will encounter along the way. Subway Surfers is very dynamic, and as you gain more skills, the game is very distracting and will definitely hold your attention.

The success achieved by the game was of a gigantic acceptance, when compared to other games and even similar ones. In 2018, Subway Surfers reached the number of more than 1 billion downloads of the application, only on Android devices. Due to the number of fans, the game started to have more versions developed with specific interfaces and features, such as Snapchat.

How does the app work?

To start playing Subway Surfers, the ideal is to look for videos of what the adventures are like and watch gameplay tutorials. In this way, you somehow already know how the adventures will be and what to do when the game's obstacles appear.

Did you like what you saw? So now let's download the game app! For Android platforms, you will initially need to open the Google Play Store app. Search the game by placing the name of the game, Subway Surfers, in the search bar. When you find it, just select the download and start the adventure.

To download on the iOS platform, you must access the App Store and follow the same search guidelines as on Android. The guidelines are the same for Windows Phone too, go to the Windows Store, search for the game app and you're done. Thus, for the two platforms mentioned, select Subway Surfers and download it. Ready for adventure? So let's go!

In Subway Surfers, you'll have to complete various missions, stages, with very different difficulty levels. Initially you select the character, Jake, Tricky or Fresh, and you can start the adventure. So, you'll have to jump and roll, always aware of the obstacles of the missions, always running away from an evil guard and his police dog.

For this, the game offers some tools like rockets, special shoes, magnets to capture coins, multiplier stars and boards and keys. The coins that you capture as you go through the adventures help you to exchange for items and add higher and higher scores.

Gameplay Tips!

The first tip may be very basic, but it's still important. In the courses and stages that you play, accumulate as many coins as possible so that you can exchange for special boards and add high scores. It is important that you complete all missions to reach level X30! This will help you get very high scores.

The next tip is to complete all Upgrades, which are small missions within the levels. This is completed by capturing special rockets and boots, multiplier stars and coin magnets. Quantities are suggested to carry out these small missions.

Another nice tip is to get as many boards as you can. The boards have several powers that will help you a lot to overcome the obstacles of the missions, and make it easier for you to reach great scores.

Get a lot of keys! With this tool, you'll be able to continue your mission if any error occurs in the mission. This is a very valuable tip for you to be able to complete the most difficult levels in the game, and keep on adding very high scores.

Every Thursday, the app offers a promotional round. You'll be able to carry out missions with a special character, a dinosaur that adds 5 points to your score multiplier.

Another super cool tip is to activate 3 score boosters in your adventures. The tool is also a point multiplier, and if you add the other hints, you can get the maximum multiplier of X84. Your score will multiply 84 times, and thus earn unimaginable points.

For the rest, take some cool time to play and be always improving your skills. These tips serve both for players in offline mode, where you challenge yourself each round, and online, when the player disputes scores and rankings.

What is the app's rating?

The Subway Surfers game app is a great option for those looking for adventure games and challenges. The game has very good interfaces, great gameplay and has all the ingredients for those who want to relax alone or with a group of friends.

Check the storage memory conditions of your mobile device or tablet, as the game consumes a lot of space. This is very important to not have problems with the slowness of this app and other functions on your device