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Spirit Run

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Thais Martiniano
Help the warriors of light and let your animal spirit flow by downloading Spirit Run apk for Android, a rush-style adventure full of incredible challenges

Run to help the spirits of light save the planet

Participate in a race and transform into your animal spirit to save the world and nature. By downloading Spirit Run apk you will find a beautiful adventure, full of mysteries. Want to know how the app works? So keep following this content here.


What is Spirit Run

Spirit Run is a rush-style action game with 3D scenarios and a single-player mode. No need to connect to the internet unless you want some boosters when watching in-app advertisements.


A mysterious energy has been released on the planet, bringing with it spirits and monsters that threaten humanity. So, now you will need to help the guardians to defeat this evil, running through the forests and collecting rare magic items.


How to play Spirit Run on Android?

To play Spirit Run apk on Android is very easy: just use the movement of the phone to move the character sideways. Also, swipe up on the screen if you want to jump, and down if you want to slide through obstacles.


  • save by Play Games;
  • gorgeous graphics;
  • good gameplay;
  • simple controls;
  • variety of challenges;
  • amount of skins.


  • adverts;
  • few maps.

我們的觀點 Spirit Run

So, is it worth downloading Spirit Run apk on Android?

If you like rush-style games, you will definitely enjoy downloading Spirit Run apk for Android. This super complete game has an interesting and fun plot. In addition, it has several levels and character skins to enjoy diverse gameplay.


As for the functioning, it presents a good dynamics, without failures or important structural problems. Also, the controls are very simple and easy to use, making the gameplay even more fluid and fun.


However, there are some downsides to the app. First, there are no Portuguese subtitles, which makes it difficult to follow the story. Another complicated point is the lack of different maps, leaving the dynamics little different.


Finally, the ads end up annoying a little, despite guaranteeing some free boosters. But overall, the app is interesting and fun, with dynamic matches. So, it's worth downloading Spirit Run apk on Android and trying it out.