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Logo Royal Castle Ataque Na Cidade Icon

Royal Castle: Ataque na Cidade

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Thais Martiniano
Send your armies to fight the enemy troops that want to dominate your territory and show your mastery of battles by downloading Royal Castle: City Attack

Build your strategy and go into battle with your troops

Prepare your contingent and send your troops into battle by downloading Royal Castle: City Assault apk on Android. Also take the opportunity to check out everything about the app and how to download it on your device, following this review.

What is Royal Castle: City Attack?

Royal Castle: City Assault is a single-player medieval-style strategy game. It features 2D graphics with good quality, where you'll be the commander of several battle troops in a war scenario.


The game has only one main objective, well defined: eliminate all enemy troops in the towers scattered throughout the scenario. For this, it is important to put together a good strategy and use intelligence to take advantage of your contingent.

How to play Royal Castle: City Attack on Android?

The game consists of a battle where troop numbers count a lot. You start each level with 10 soldiers in your tower. To master a new location, you need to tap and drag your finger to it. Then, your soldiers will head there.


In order to conquer a new location, the number of troops you send must be greater than the enemy number. However, enemy troops will also send their reinforcements to conquer your towers, using strategy to win each stage.

How to Download Royal Castle: City Attack apk on Android?

The Royal Castle: City Attack apk download is available for download right here from the link at the top of the page. However, be sure to check the conditions for downloading the application on your Android devices.


  • variety of levels;
  • good graphics;
  • simple controls;
  • free apps;
  • offline way.


  • adverts;
  • little range of dynamics.

我們的觀點 Royal Castle: Ataque na Cidade

So, check out what we thought of the Royal Castle: City Assault app

For those who like casual gameplays, wellattractive, Download Royal Castle: City Attack apk is an excellent alternative. The game is very interesting, with high quality graphics and simple gameplay that captivates.


The controls system is optimized, with a good response time for agame that combines strategy and agility. The interface is optimized, and works well both on large devices and on devices with smaller screens.


The app is lightweight and takes up little space on the device's memory,require a version of Android compatible with older devices as well. Thus, it is an app to download even less on cell phones or tablets with less performance.


In this way, it is worth downloading Royal Castle: City Attack apk on Android to test the good functions that the app presents. Take the opportunity to discover other strategy games here, in our catalog of apps.