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Thais Martiniano
Explore the creative world of Roblox through your Android device

What is Roblox?
Roblox is an MMORPG game developed by Roblox Corporation. Through it, players can create private universes with all the characteristics they want, also allowing their best friends to be part of this great experience.

Despite being released in 2006, the game only received versions for mobile devices in 2014, having previously only been available on the web. Since its inception, the game has had a great acceptance by the public, which has led to it winning the title of the most popular game in the world in 2019.

In 2017, Roblox won two major awards. He received the San Mateo County Economic Development Association Award of Excellence and the San Francisco Business Times in the Gaming/e-Spo category.

How to play Roblox for free?
To play Roblox for free, just create an account on the platform, as it only requires payments for certain premium features. Therefore, after downloading and installing the software, open it to set your access data.

Click on "Create Account" and enter all the requested data, such as the name you will use in the game, password and date of birth. Once this step is complete, it's time to start having fun.

On the home page, you can explore the library and choose a world you want to play in. The most popular ones within Roblox are: Work At a Pizza Place, Meep City, Prison Life, among others.

However, if you want to start creating your own universe, you will need to access Roblox Studio, as this functionality is not available in the game's application. You can enter the platform through your cell phone or computer by clicking here.

Within the game, users will still come across Robux, an official currency that allows the purchase of accessories for their avatars and access to thousands of paid universes that are also available.

It is possible to add Robux to your account through credit cards, gift cards, bank slip, PayPal and even with the balance available in the Google app store.

How to get free items on Roblox?
Contrary to what many people believe, it is also possible to have access to thousands of free items in the Roblox store. To access them, just open the marketplace, choose one of the wish categories, such as "clothes" and set the order in which they should be displayed to "from cheapest to most expensive".

Afterwards, just choose the parts that are free in the store and click on "get" You can follow this step by step whenever you need to find new products for your characters.



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