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Thais Martiniano
The classic battle royale game, now in version for devices with low RAM

TGB is a platform that allows you to play mobile games on your computer. In addition to saving the storage of your smartphone you can still use the mouse, keyboard and joysticks making the most of the game without having to have a powerful machine. Download the PUBG game for free and have fun.

Battle royale-style games are in full swing and are now starting to arrive on tablets and smartphones. One of these options is PUBG Mobile Lite, which brings the Playerunknown`s Battlegrounds experience to mobile devices.

"Lite" in the subtitle is not by chance: it is an adapted version of PUBG Mobile launched in the first half of 2018, totally aimed at devices with little graphics capacity. In practice, this means that even weaker phones, with up to 1 GB of RAM, can run the title without facing problems.

As a more compact model, PUBG Mobile Lite had other features reduced compared to the original PUBG Mobile. Among the main ones is the number of players allowed per game, which drops from 100 to 40, in addition to the size of the map, which has a scale of 2x2 km (against 8x8 km of the traditional version).

In addition, the mechanics in PUBG Mobile Lite are the same: you and the other players start at a random point on the map and need to find items to ensure their survival, such as weapons, materials and armor. From time to time, a toxic haze begins to "push" users to the center of the map. The last player to stay alive wins. It is also possible to form teams with two or more people to play in the cooperative.

An important detail: until now, PUBG Mobile Lite is not available through the Brazilian Play Store, only through the Android store in the Philippines. That is, if you want to test the game on your device, you must have a VPN application for the title to work.



If you want to test Playerunknown`s Battlegrounds on your mobile device, but it does not have robust settings to support the full version of the game, then PUBG Mobile Lite is the indication. The app preserves the main features of the original game, including weapons, graphics built with Unreal Engine 4 and the same gameplay mechanics.

Of course, because it is a more limited version, perhaps the games seem much shorter than normal, as there are "only" 40 players per room and the map has only 1/4 of the first PUBG Mobile. However, this reduction does not impact on adrenaline, nor on the aspect of survival that projected the title to success. So, fun is guaranteed.

What can hinder the use of PUBG Mobile Lite is that, as the game has not yet been released by the Brazilian Play Store, only from the Philippines, it will not be compatible if there is no VPN application installed on your smartphone. Some users even report that, even with a VPN, the game may experience blocking according to your region. That is, despite meeting all these requirements, there is no guarantee that the download will be completed.

We at Baixaki managed to complete the installation, but we have some caveats to make. The first is that the graphics, as expected, are below the average of the original PUBG Mobile. We also witnessed a bit of lag in the games and, in most of them, the impression we had was that we were facing bots controlled by the game, and not real players.

In any case, if you don't want to go to the trouble of resorting to a VPN, it might be better to wait for the official version to reach more countries on the Play Store.


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