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Watch movies and series online, in HD, and even with subtitles straight from torrent files

Popcorn Time is a program for those who like to watch movies and series online via the computer. From torrents spread over the internet, it offers a vast catalog of feature films and TV series that can be viewed in high resolution.

With it, you don't have to look for a file or download a specialized program, like uTorrent or BitTorrent: just choose the desired production, pop the popcorn and start the session.

The search works in two ways: by searching for terms or genres. In the first, just type an excerpt from the title (in English) to find out if the desired movie or series is in the catalog.

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Time to pop the popcorn!
The other resource, on the other hand, is for those who like to search more until they find the right production. In it, you use the menu on the left side and choose your favorite genre, such as action, comedy or horror. The list of films and other works that appear is in order of addition.

When you click once on the poster of the desired movie, you still have the option to select subtitles (if any) and quality (usually 720p or 1080p), all in a menu in the right corner of the screen. In it, it is possible to check some technical information of the projection, such as synopsis, year, duration and a star rating.

With all this set up, just put the video to be played in full or reduced screen, select that the playback takes place in HD quality - if that is your wish -, wait for a piece of it to be downloaded in advance and enjoy the hobby. There are countless film and television productions to entertain you during your downtime.



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