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Pirate Raid

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Thiago Martiniano

Master the seven seas and become the Pirate King

An adventure that will leave you glued to your phone screen: here's how to download Pirate Raid, the pirate game for Android. See how our app review went and what the pros and cons of including it in your download list.

What is Pirate Raid game?

Pirate Raid is an open world action adventure game for Android. Sail the seas to find treasures, monsters and enemies. In a 3D platform full of details, enjoy the singleplayer game mode and let the wind take you.

In this incredible adventure you are the owner of a pirate ship around an island. So you need to collect money and barrels to sell

How to play Pirate Raid on Android?

The basic control of the game is a central directional pad, which serves to move the boat through the sea. So, every time you encounter an enemy, just keep the vessel within range to shoot. But beware, your opponents will also shoot at your ship.

Each island has three basic items that will help you overcome the challenges: shipyard, market and lighthouse. See what each of them is for and how you can take advantage of it to make your ship better and better:

  • shipyard: improve your pirate ship's attributes;
  • market: sell the barrels to receive more coins;
  • Lighthouse: Upgrade the lighthouse to access more points on the map.

Afterwards, you can place crew members on your ship, which give you more health, damage, or cargo. Always keep an eye on the health bar and if you feel like you won't be able to sink an enemy, run to save yourself.

Learn how to download Pirate Raid apk for Android

To download Pirate Raid on Android you have to free up at least 100 MB of storage space. Once you have available memory, click the download link at the top of the page.


  • excellent graphics;
  • variety of challenges;
  • boosters through videos;
  • facilitated gameplay;
  • has no bugs.
  • lots of random ads.


  • lots of random ads.

我們的觀點 Pirate Raid

Pirate Raid is an action adventure game for Android where you can be the greatest pirate of all seas. The app has a solo game mode, with several missions to complete, a crew to take care of and lots of enemies to blast.

Right from the start, the app enchants for the richness of details of the graphics and scenery. Basic control is super simple and you just need to find other ships to sink. It seems little, but the dynamics complement it with a variety of levels and challenges.

In addition, there is no need to invest in order to progress in the game, as it offers coin boosters when watching ad videos. However, at times the amount of propaganda ends up getting in the way of battles.

So, after downloading Pirate Raid, get to know more apps with pirate games for Android. Discover all the mysteries of the seven seas by following our content here on the blog.