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Pepi Hospital

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Um hospital para brincar e se divertir
Pepi Hospital is a kids' game where you can interact with all sorts of different elements in a hospital. And not just any hospital – one full of bonkers characters waiting for you to play with them. The game system in Pepi Hospital is simple: just drag any item in your surroundings to move it somewhere. If you pick up and object and put it in a character's hand, they'll grab it. And if you move a character toward a large object, like a chair or chaise, they'll sit down. In this free version of Pepi Hospital you can only play on one floor of the hospital. But this floor has more than enough material to keep you entertained for a good while: there are half a dozen fun characters and dozens of objects to interact with. From scales to syringes and bottles to pens. Pepi Hospital is a game aimed at a young audience with very pretty graphics. The game offers lots of interactive elements, making it ideal for little ones to tap the screen nonstop.