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Logo My Virtual Pet Shop Animais Icon

My Virtual Pet Shop: Animais

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Thais Martiniano
Take care of all the animals and use all your agility to manage your business by downloading My virtual pet shop: animals apk for Android

Have your own pet shop on mobile and take care of animals

Have you ever thought about having your own bath and grooming for animals, without having to leave the house? So by downloading My virtual pet shop: animals apk on Android you can make this dream come true. See how to start playing this fun game and what are the advantages of downloading it.

What is My virtual pet shop: animals?

The app My virtual pet shop: animals is an animal care game for Android, where you have to take care of their health and aesthetics. Once you download the app, you'll need to take care of all the pets and manage the space to always improve.


The goal is to race against time and be able to serve all customers without them getting bored. The game only has singleplayer mode, with the alternative of playing offline whenever and however you prefer.

How to play My virtual pet shop: animals on Android?

My virtual pet's control systemshop: animals works by touching the screen. Hold the animals and drag them to each location, according to the requests that appear in the balloons above their heads:


  • little Bear: take the animals to the bed and wait for the owners to pick up their pets;
  • scissors: put the pets on the grooming chair to trim the hair;
  • injection: time for the veterinary appointment for the little animals;
  • clothing: choose clothes for the animals and make them all stylish.


In addition, some animals bring minigames to increase the difficulty a little more. You'll need to remove the fleas, scrub the animals, and even give them special medications, not forgetting to keep them all happy.

How to download My virtual pet shop: animals apk?

At the top of the page, you can find the download link for My virtual pet shop: animals apk. So, you'll need to release the installation from external sources and check that your device meets the minimum requirements: 80 MB of space and Android 6.0 at least.


  • graphic quality;
  • support for multiple languages;
  • full walkthrough;
  • good dynamics;
  • progressive difficulty.


  • occasional crashes.

我們的觀點 My Virtual Pet Shop: Animais

So, check out what we think of the My virtual pet shop app: animals

The game My virtual pet shop: animals is very fun, with special emphasis on the graphics, which are super cute. The mechanics are interesting and attractive, with a challenge system that will definitely hook you.


The app has well-optimized controls, with an excellent response time. However, it has some occasional crashes, and it is good to keep an eye on the temperature of the device, which can increase a little.


Apart from this small annoyance, which can vary a lot according to the performance of your device, the game is very good. That's why it's worth downloading My virtual pet shop: animals on Android and having fun taking care of all your furry customers.