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Like A Dino!

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Thais Martiniano

Discover the game Like a Dino and have a lot of fun

Have a great time playing Like a Dino! A super cool musical game to play with the whole family. Get all the dinos to play the music quests and unlock more music to play with. Want to know more about this exciting game? So continue reading this text and check out the information about the game that we have prepared for you.

Stay on top of everything about the super cool game Like a Dino

Like a Dino is a super fun rhythmic music game that you will spend hours playing. The game is presented in a simple 2D platform, very beautiful and very pleasant to play.

In this game you'll have 12 musical challenges to complete in various side missions that increase in difficulty in level. You will be able to unlock and choose your favorite dino to play the missions. There are 14 dinosaurs for you to play and have a lot of fun.

Complete musical missions and earn coins to unlock new challenges and new dinos. Want to know more about this super fun game? Follow this article and guarantee many tips to download and play Like a Dino!

How to have fun playing Like a Dino

It's very simple to play Like a Dino! You just need to swipe the screen of your mobile device. The platform provides a basic and super intuitive interactive tutorial, facilitating the dynamics of the game for beginners. The tip to play Like a Dino is to have your eyes and ears super connected.

Therefore, attention and sharp reflexes are what are needed to achieve great scores and guarantee a lot of coins. Want more information about conditions to download Like a Dino? So just continue reading the article.

Recommendations to download Like a Dino

Do not worry! Like a Dino is a very light game that doesn't need many requirements to install on mobile devices. So, even older devices can download and run this super fun game without any worries and hassles. The app requires at least 41 MB of space on your device's data storage.

Also, for devices that operate with the Android system, it is necessary to have version 5.0 installed. Following these recommendations you will have a lot of fun and you won't even have to worry about problems on your device or during the game.

我們的觀點 Like A Dino!

Like a Dino is a super cool game app that is available for free to download. The game delivers a very simple platform but with a lot of fun and quality involved. The gameplay involved in the game is quite simple, and it has a tutorial that helps new players a lot to learn the game.

The app is super lightweight, making it ideal and popular for all types of devices with smaller capacity. If you liked our tips, don't waste time and download Like a Dino and get to know this super cool and fun game.