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Logo Island Empire Estrategia Icon

Island Empire - Estratégia

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Thais Martiniano
A chess game where the board is your village and who determines the winner is your strategy. See the advantages of downloading Island Empire - Strategy apk

Destroy enemy villages to win all battles

Wipe out all the enemy villages and prove that you're a beast at strategy by downloading Island Empire - Strategy for Android. If you're a fan of games to stimulate intelligence, take advantage of this content to find out how it works.

What is itIsland Empire - Strategy?

Island Empire - Strategy is a medieval-themed strategy game for Android where you count game modesingle player. The app presents a central story, which develops according to the levels you advance.


Basically, it works more or less like a chess game, in turns and where you move only one square at a time. So, you need to destroy the enemy village and all the soldiers on the map to win each level and get rewards.

How to play Island Empire - Strategy on Android?

The setting for each level is like a chess or checkers board, divided into quadrants. In a place on the map, there is your village with the allied army. In another more distant quadrant, is the enemy village, with the opposing soldiers.


So, you can only move your pieces once each turn, by one quadrant. At this time, using strategy to reach the enemy village makes all the difference. The level only ends when you manage to completely destroy the opponent's base.

Requirements to download Island Empire - Strategy

Island Empire - Strategy apk download requires your device to have an Android operating system with at least version 6.0. Also, leave 50 MB of free space to install the app correctly.


  • retro (pixelated) graphics;
  • Portuguese support;
  • free apps;
  • intuitive interface;
  • freedom of choices.


  • adverts.

我們的觀點 Island Empire - Estratégia

See if Island Empire - Strategy is worth downloading

Island Empire - Strategy is a really fun strategy game for fans of a good intelligence challenge. It has an intuitive interface, well-optimized controls and mechanics that work well, without major operating problems.


The only downside of the game is that it has ads not just like boosters. With that, you end up with some annoying advertisements appearing on your screen. However, nothing that taking advantage of the offline mode can't help solve.


Therefore, we can say that it is worth downloading Island Empire - Strategy apk on Android. A different and fun game, with good functionality, that will bring you hours of fun to enjoy wherever and however you prefer.


Also, if you want to know about other strategy games for Android, stay tuned. We leave you with some very interesting options and news, with complete reviews for you to find out which are the best mobile games at the moment.