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Logo Hexapolis Jogo Por Turnos Icon

Hexapolis: Jogo por turnos

  • License Free
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  • Downloads 0
  • Size 96 MB
  • Update 12.05.2022
Logo Hexapolis Jogo Por Turnos Icon

Hexapolis: Jogo por turnos

Version 0.3.4 Free
96 MB
Funciona em: Android
Downloads : 0 Atualizado em : 12.05.2022 NOXGAMES



Discover various adventures and combats in the game Hexapolis

Catch up on the super addictive combats of the Hexapolis game for Android devices. Assemble a powerful army, win challenging combats and develop your empire. Curious to know more details about this super cool game? Then continue reading our article and learn how to download Hexapolis game on Android. Downloading is free!

Meet heroic adventures playing Hexapolis on Android

Hexapolis is a very top RPG game to enjoy whenever you have a little time. The battles carried out in this gameplay take place in turn modes. That is, you and your enemy alternate your attacks. Explore a lot! This is a tip to follow in combat and on the platform.

You will always find a reward in your quests to help you grow your empire. Make him stronger and more feared. Get more details about this awesome gameplay and learn how to download Hexapolis game on Android devices.

How to play Hexapolis on Android devices

Hexapolis is a story mode adventure that has more than 10 stages and many challenges to overcome. In this way, prepare your warriors to face great sequences of tireless combats full of strategies.

The advances of each foot of ground, actually hexagons, is very important for the development of your empire and the survival of your army. Therefore, exploration is the watchword in this gameplay.

Accumulate a lot of resources on your journeys and further evolve your battlefront. In addition, the platform features various minigames, daily and side missions for you to accumulate even more rewards.

Enjoy all of them and strengthen your army more and more and make your empire the greatest of all time. Don't miss the special information we've prepared about this gameplay. Find out what conditions are required to download the game on your Android device. Be sure to check it out.

Special conditions to download Hexapolis on Android

To download the game Hexapolis on Android devices it is very important to make a verification. Confirm that the device has operating system version 5.0 or higher. This condition allows you to install the application on your smartphone or tablet. Check out!

Hexapolis: Advantages and Disadvantages

There's nothing better than getting to know the main qualities and also the negative points of an application before downloading. Therefore, we have prepared a list with the main advantages and disadvantages of this gameplay. Look!


What a beauty! We found some good points in this game that you will definitely want to check out. Just take a look!

  • Optimized buttons;
  • Intuitive platform;
  • Interactive tutorial;
  • Language adapted PT;
  • Free from advertisements;
  • Low battery consumption.


Oh yes! We didn't find any significant downsides to using the app.

Is it worth downloading Hexapolis game on Android

Hexapolis is a great hobby for anyone who likes strategic combat games. The gameplay delivers a very simplified gameplay for players to develop their strategies better and better. That way, there's no wasted time and no excuses for commands.

It's war without rest! The display delivered in this gameplay is really very beautiful. It is developed on a platform with high quality 2D graphics and very colorful and super neat images. Thus, fun is guaranteed with a very balanced and very pleasant tool to spend hours in combat.

Finally, the application is not considered reasonably heavy. That's because it consumes about 96 MB of device memory. Therefore, some older and lower capacity devices may not support application storage. Check all the most important details before starting the download.

If you liked our content, don't waste any more time. We will help you to download Hexapolis game on Android now! Enjoy and get to know more similar games and discover cool apps on our blog. You won't miss this one. Visit!


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