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Thais Martiniano
HappyMod, an alternative app download platform full of amazing options for you!

What is HappyMod? Learn more about this free tool and alternative to official app stores.

Discover the app store available for Android where you can download modified games and other apps for free and securely. HappyMod also brings other advantages for users. Keep reading this post to understand how it works and how to download the app.

What is HappyMod?

It is an alternative app store that allows users to download a multitude of games and other modified apps. In HappyMod it is possible to have access to some features that have already been unlocked, which would be paid for in the official app stores.

For those who enjoy games, the options are quite varied. There are many games to download in the app store that have open levels, as well as weapons, equipment and other free tools. It is noteworthy that, in addition to being free, HappyMod is safe, virus-free and any user can download games and applications.

How to install HappyMod?

So you don't have any doubts, we've prepared this simple step by step:

  • Under Android Settings, click Security or Privacy;
  • Tap Allow from Unknown Sources to enable this option;
  • Once that's done, go to the HappyMod website and click on the apk file to download it. Press OK when the security message appears;
  • In your mobile's Downloads folder, tap the downloaded file to install.

With these steps correctly performed and the download completed, the HappyMod icon should appear on your home screen. To start downloading games and apps, just follow these steps:

  • Open HappyMod and tap on any of the app categories or search for the game of your choice;
  • Now just follow the installation instructions and once it's finished, the game or app you downloaded will appear on your phone's home screen.

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Advantages of HappyMod

We know that to get the most out of the experience within a game or app, you need to install some updates. And in official stores these updates are only unlocked for a fee.

That said, HappyMod allows these updates to be done for free, secure and very fast. Imagine that you would like to enjoy new quests and scenarios in your favorite games. Also imagine that in the official store of this app, these updates are not available. Downloading this game on HappyMod it is possible to find these modifications.

Modifications to games and apps, or mods, are nothing more than packages that enable the best user experience within that app. And on HappyMod you can find more than 30,000 apps and games modified, that is, with new features.

The main features

You can find all versions of apps and games available on HappyMod, from the release version to the latest update. This way, users can download the version that is compatible with their device, whether it is more modern or not so up to date.

The store's apps and games have in their description accurate information about which updates and features have been released and modified. So, even before you download a favorite app or game, you already know if that feature you'd like to use is available.

As already said, applications and games are tested before being made available on the platform, thus preventing viruses and bugs from threatening users. This is without a doubt a very important HappyMod tool.

As user safety is important for HappyMod developers, we can say that providing fast downloads is just as important. No matter the size of the app, it is possible for the user to download any one without having to wait hours for it.

In HappyMod there is also the possibility to pause the download and resume the update as soon as you wish. This functionality is important in case there is any fluctuation in your connection, so you can pause and resume without losing any data already downloaded.

Finally, in addition to all the advantages and features of HappyMod, you can participate in forums and interact with people who are interested in the same games as you. Through this communication channel, you can propose improvements and also expose your impressions about the games and apps you've used.