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Happy Chick

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You know those old video games? So, we have a very good tip for you to kill the nostalgia on this blog. Learn more about Happy Chick.

You know that old game you loved? The Happy Chick has it!

Surely fans of classic games and games from the 90s know Happy Chick. This app is a retro game emulator developed by Chinese company Xiaoji Studios. Its platform was designed to be used on Android and iOS systems, mobile devices, tablets and even multimedia televisions. Are you curious to find out more about this app and kill that longing for the good times? In this blog we will tell you all about the Happy Chick emulator.   

What is Happy Chick?

Happy Chick is an application that fulfills the dream of game fans, featuring in just one emulator, several options from different producers. With the tool, you'll be able to download and kill those games from consoles like Nintendo, Playstation and more.

The app market presents a huge variety of game emulators available on the platforms. However, Happy Chick is now considered the main one. This consideration through its users is due to the enormous facilities that the application offers, not to mention the universe of famous games that the tool makes available. If you like games, you will definitely want to meet Happy Chick.

The application has achieved more than forty million downloads, further proving its acceptance by new users. The trend is clearly exponential, with download numbers increasing considerably. Much of its success is because the application is free, and allows you to download all the games available for free as well.

How to download the app?

To download the original emulator, you will have to go to Happychick.hk page. Some devices may have restrictions on downloading the article, so you will need to access your device's settings, make adjustments, and start the process to download the application. The app is not yet available for the official Android and iOS stores.

The user will have to access the app settings to change the game language. Since its developers are Chinese, the official language of the app is Mandarin. With this, you will have at your disposal another language option, English, but it is already a great help!

It was thinking of the practicality that the developers of the emulator made the Happy Chick platform. With practical and self-explanatory interfaces, you streamline the process and save time on downloading, leaving much more time for fun.

The main part, what makes Happy Chick different, is that you don't need to download any other emulators to enjoy the 18+ game consoles. That way you'll have a complete gaming app ready for fun.

As for downloading games, it's even easier. To download games, within the application you have a search bar, where you just type the name of the preferred game and click on “search”. Then, the user selects the desired choice, clicks “get” and that's it. The download starts and in a few minutes the game will be available on the “play” icon, then just click on the game and start having fun and having fun.


You don't need to download multiple consoles and consume a lot of memory on your device. Well, Happy Chick emulator carries in its application more than 18 game consoles, and with it a game universe for your enjoyment.

Happy Chick lets you play all kinds of games, but it's all kinds of games! That's because the user can play from classic games to those that are charged on platforms and stores

Yea! The ease of downloading and using the app is one of the app's advantages. The way that the application makes all the processes practical for its users is the reason for the more than forty million Happy Chick emulator downloads.


The emulator application, as it is not found on the main and well-known platforms and official download stores, does not have positive or negative evaluations of the application. With this, the user is practically left to luck as to the ignorance of possible damages due to use.

The creators and developers of the Happy Chick emulator platform have a Facebook page. It's there that users can ask questions, leave comments and stay on top of everything Xiaoji Studios can offer to its users. It's a different kind of customer service.

What is the app's rating?

The Happy Chick emulator app is a great option for those looking to kill the nostalgia for classic games and more. The tool has very good interfaces, offering a lot of convenience to download the application and games on your platform. It is very important, before downloading any file or application, to check the storage memory conditions of your mobile device or tablet.

Furthermore, it is very important to check the origins and ratings of the file or application in order not to have problems with the security of personal data and surprises that carry your virus device. The Happy Chick emulator app consumes a lot of memory space. This tip is very important to not have problems with the slowness of the operating system and functions of your device.



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