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Google Play Music

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Sync 20,000 songs for free or buy new songs

Google Play Music is Google's music application, capable of functioning as an ordinary music player and also as a music streaming service. Through it, you will be able to synchronize 20 thousand songs to the cloud, being able to hear them both on Android and iOS and also on Mac, Linux and PC, through a web player.

The program has several tricks to help the user choose his songs, such as creating personalized radio stations from any song, artist or album. You can also create playlists and create a play queue, and you can edit it.

You can also buy music through the Play Store. Bas touch buy to check out various artists and bands in genres. It is also possible to check lists of best albums, releases and best songs.

Smart tricks
Google Play Music offers the “Listen Now” section that offers smart recommendations based on your tastes. You can tap on “Mix I'm feeling lucky”, for example, to listen to a playlist created using algorithms based on your preferences.

The program also creates, automatically, exclusive playlists, using an algorithm to group similar songs: it is Instant Mixes, based on artists, songs or albums.

You can also add music through an application developed for Windows, capable of transferring your entire music library to the service, making it available in all applications that run Google Play Music.