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Jogue qualquer jogo para PC ou console do seu dispositivo Android
Gloud Games is an amazing gaming platform that makes it possible to play almost any game in existence from the comfort of your Android device, no matter whether it was released for computers or consoles. Despite its complex features, Gloud Games is surprisingly easy to use: simply open the app and browse through a list of all the games it has to offer. Tap on a game to go to an informational page with a brief synopsis and some technical details. To start playing, all you have to do is tap 'Start Game' and you'll be sent to a queue. How long you have to wait in the queue depends on how many people want to play the same game. To spend less time waiting, you can watch five ads to move up on the list and considerably reduce how long you have to wait to play the game. Similar to Stadia or GeForce Now, Gloud Games has servers where you can remotely play any game you want. Although Gloud Games only offers thirty-minute sessions, you can always save your progress and start a new session.