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GEAK Camera

GEAK 1.0.16118
  • License Free
  • 0
  • Downloads 12
  • Size 1.27MB
  • Update 02.02.2021
Logo Geak Camera Icon

GEAK Camera

Version 1.0.16118 Free
Funciona em: Android
Downloads : 12 Atualizado em : 02.02.2021 GEAK


Um app câmera alternativa
GEAK Camera is an alternative camera app that lets you do exactly what you'd expect from an app like this, and a bit more as well. The first thing that stands out about GEAK Camera is that it takes up a ridiculously small amount of space on your memory. We're talking about 44 times less than the official Google camera app. Because of this, it can be especially useful for users of devices that aren't very powerful or don't have a lot of memory. Another interesting feature is that it lets you apply different filters to the image in real time. In total there are nine different filters that you can use. Plus, you can take normal pictures as well as square pictures, ideal for posting on Instagram. GEAK Camera is a lightweight camera app that's both simple and powerful. A great replacement for the bulky official Google app.


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