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GbWhats Dual OG 16.40.0
  • License Free
  • 4
  • Downloads 21.536
  • Size 46.10 MB
  • Update 24.07.2021
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Version 16.40.0 Free
46.10 MB
Funciona em: Android
Downloads : 21.536 Atualizado em : 24.07.2021 GbWhats Dual OG


Thais Martiniano
WhatsApp GB 2020: an alternative version of WhatsApp with extra features and similar functionality

Download WhatsApp GB 2021 Updated
GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp Gb is an alternative version of WhatsApp messenger that incorporates several new functions to the messaging application and makes its use even more functional. The application increases existing resources and offers several new possibilities to the popular Zap.

To start, WhatsApp GB has all the functions already available in conventional WhatsApp, with the difference that in WhatsApp GB it is possible to use more than one account in the service. It is still possible to add custom themes that not only change the conversation windows (as in WhatsApp), but also the entire look of the app.

With GBWhatsApp it is still possible to edit its status in a different way, allowing a greater number of characters to be added. The app has options that block and change the way in which you are notified in your messages, leaving the usability of the messenger more discreet.

There are several new features that make the use of the WhatsApp network much more complete. Best of all, all your contacts are kept with the data presented in the same way as in the standard messenger.

Replacing WhatsApp with WhatsApp GB
When using GBWhatsApp, the official WhatsApp app stops working until you log in to the service again. Your open conversations in the official messenger do not migrate to the alternative version, so backup your conversations or do not uninstall the official messenger app to keep them safe.

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How to install WhatsApp GB free
The first step is to perform a backup of the original version of the original WhatsApp you own. This is necessary in order to avoid losing important conversations when making the switch, taking all messages directly to WhatsApp GB.

To do this, just go to the WhatsApp settings and click on “conversations” right after. Finally, go to “backup conversations” and click on the green button that says “back up”. Ready! We can now proceed with the transition to WhatsApp GB.


WhatsApp GB is official?
It is important to let you know that WhatsApp GB is not an official application, so you cannot find it on the Play Store or App Store as the original. To access the modified version, you need to download an APK, that is, an external file.

If WhatsApp's communications sector detects that you are using an unofficial account, your number is permanently banned, prevented from using the app forever.

If you want to download the app anyway, just find a platform that provides the WhatsApp GB APK and download the file on your phone. Once this is done, the procedure is the same as the original application, since you only need to fill in the personal data, such as phone number, user name and insert the profile photo to be used.

There is no secret to downloading WhatsApp GB other than the process described above. The application is super easy to install and does not require any kind of permission that can damage your device.

If you want to return to the original application, it is important to know that your WhatsApp GB account is automatically deleted, as both cannot be kept with the same phone number.

Because it is a modified version, the application has its own settings that make the application extremely advanced compared to the original.

Among some examples, it is worth mentioning the possibility to customize WhatsApp GB, choosing from the various options of themes that the app itself offers, in addition to being able to use more than one account in the same application without any problem. WhatsApp GB, different from the conventional one, allows several numbers to be used together without harming the device.

With all possible caution, we recommend WhatsApp GB for those who want to take advantage of these news that may take a while to arrive on the original app.

我們的觀點 GBWhatsApp

WhatsApp GB is an alternative and improved version of WhatsApp messenger. The app uses the same network and aims to offer more features within the same platform. The GBWhatsApp interface is practically identical to that of WhatsApp, however some more functions are found in the menus.

GB WhatsApp usage
The way of use should not cause problems for those who already use the official service. Small differences in functions will make a difference even for very specific uses only.

One of the main advantages of GBWhatsApp is to allow 2 WhatsApp accounts to be accessed on the same device. Especially for those using dual sim phones, the feature comes in very handy.

WhatsApp GB is a good alternative for those who make a more advanced use of WhatsApp, the only thing that can become a problem is the app is unable to mirror conversations that are in progress in the official app. Most of the features are very interesting and can make you have a better experience with the messenger.


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