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Logo Free Fire Battlegrounds Icon
Logo Free Fire Battlegrounds Icon

Free Fire - Battlegrounds

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Thais Martiniano
free fire A faster and more demanding Battle Royale

What we find in Free Fire is an action and survival game that takes place in an open world where we will have complete freedom of movement. A kind of Battle Royale where we will be launched in a kind of battlefield where each user fights for his life.

You're parachuted where you need to survive
This one can be the summary of Free Fire - Battlegrounds, where you parachuted on an island with more players like you. Once you step on the ground your struggle to survive begins, and you better be smart, because no one will give you a second's respite, so the first step is to get weapons and equipment.

It is an interesting game whose APK you can download for free and, as is common in such cases, you can improve by buying different items that you get through in-app purchases. You can log in with your Facebook account and share your progress, VK and creating your own user within the application.

There is only one winner here.

Main features
Scroll through open environments designed in a realistic and high definition. With great ambience thanks to light effects and high quality images that are reflected in the vegetation, buildings and other elements of the landscape.
Different and varied types of weapons that you will find in your adventure: assault rifles to sniper rifles. Adapt your strategy to the armament you have available.
Live all kinds of experiences and perform all the missions necessary to survive: collect equipment, stay hidden in bunkers, assault other players ...
Pilot all types of vehicles to move, escape or even attack your opponents.
Create alliances with other gamers and try to survive together.
This game is available for iOS, but not for PC only if using the APK and some Android emulator.

updated freefire 2020, free fire 2021