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Flying Squirrel

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Thais Martiniano
Help the squirrel collect all the nuts in this super cute challenge. By downloading Flying Squirrel apk for Android, enjoy an adventure full of ups and downs

Run through the forest and help the squirrel to collect his nuts

By downloading Flying Squirrel you will find a super cute game where the main character is a flying squirrel. But to know if it's worth downloading, it's important to know all the functions that the app offers.


To make it even easier to understand, we tested the application and left all the advantages and limitations that it offers. Take the opportunity to check them all, just reading this content until the end.


What is Flying Squirrel game?


Flying Squirrel is a third-person adventure game for Android where you control a flying squirrel. Thus, he needs to collect all the nuts in the scenario and escape enemies and obstacles along the way.


The main objective is to beat all levels by reaching the end of each stage. There are several different stages where you'll put all your skills into play in this app's solo games. Check out how to get started playing in the next topics.


How to play Flying Squirrel on Android?


To play Flying Squirrel apk on Android you just need to tap the screen to make the character jump. The levels are racing style, with him moving all the time without needing a d-pad to advance.


Then, when you find the bubbles, it's time to fly: control the direction and height of this squirrel's flight by touching the right part of the free screen. When the blue bar in the corner ends, you finish a level and can collect all your rewards.


  • simple gameplay;
  • easy gameplay;
  • variety of challenges;
  • good proposal;
  • low storage space;
  • low battery consumption.


  • poorly optimized controls;
  • displays advertisements;
  • low graphic quality.

我們的觀點 Flying Squirrel

See what we think about the app

To find out if it is worth downloading Flying Squirrel apk on Android, we tested the application to better understand its dynamics and operation. Thus, the game has an offline mode only, with a rush-style proposal, but in 2D scenarios.


So, you just have to jump and fly over obstacles, collecting nuts and coins along the way. For a while the app is fun, but the feeling is that it lacks variety of challenges to make it more interesting.


An annoying point about the app is that it doesn't have internal buttons to go back through the menus. Thus, every time you want to return to a previous screen, you will need to use the buttons on the device itself (which not all cell phones have).


In addition, the graphic quality is beautiful, but it could be better, with a more careful elaboration in the details. Also, the response time of the controls is delayed, sometimes impairing the gameplay.