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Logo Fifa 16 Ultimate Team Icon

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team

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Thais Martiniano
O melhor jogo de futebol está de volta ao Android
FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is the much-awaited annual installment of the FIFA saga for Android smartphones. As expected, this new release lets you enjoy several different game modes, including the popular 'Ultimate Team'. Build your dream team from the ground up. At the beginning of the game, you'll get several packets of cards in which, as usual, you'll find players, contracts, trainers, training systems, etc. All the traditional Ultimate Team cards are included. Although an important part of the game is undoubtedly the Ultimate Team mode, you can also play friendly matches, leagues, and cups. Plus, FIFA 16 has all the official licenses which means you can enjoy the updated shields, equipment and templates. The FIFA 16 Ultimate Team gameplay is very similar to the previous installment. Basically, the controls are simplified and adapted to touchscreens, so performing some maneuvers is really easy - but performing others is not. In any case, it's the fun that counts. FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is a sports game with excellent graphics. Although the simulator could use an upgrade, (there are currently other games that offer a better game system), it offers a good experience overall. And of course, the licenses just complete the whole package.