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Falling Cubes
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Thais Martiniano
Tetris game for Android in a more updated version and full of new features, by downloading Falling Cubes apk, beat your own records.

A new version of the classic Tetris game

If you know the classic Tetris, the old minigame game, you will definitely enjoy downloading Falling Cubes apk for Android. Now the game has an updated version, which we have analyzed and left our review here, in this article.


What is the Falling Cubes app?

Falling Cubes is a Tetris-style puzzle game where you have to assemble the pieces and complete the lines to win. However, it is important to always pay attention to the height of the elements: if they reach the top of the stage, the player loses.


The goal is to score as many points as possible and break your own records by enjoying solo matches. The game does not have a multiplayer mode or a version to play online with other people.


How to play Falling Cubes on Android?


As soon as you download Falling Cubes apk on Android, you can start enjoying the games that the game offers. Then, the pieces fall into the scenario gradually. You need to assemble these pieces at the end of the canvas so that they form a complete line.


With each line made, the pieces disappear and you earn points per piece removed. In addition, as time passes, the pieces descend with greater speed, making it necessary to think faster and faster.


  • good graphics;
  • free app;
  • has no ads;
  • good game dynamics;
  • easy gameplay.


  • poor optimization of controls.

我們的觀點 Falling Cubes

Find out what we think of the Falling Cubes app

Falling Cubes apk game is a remade version of the classic Tetris of old games. However, now with some more features and excellent graphics for players to enjoy in solo matches.


The application works very well, with a wide variety of challenges and ways to enjoy the matches. In addition, the gameplay is simple to learn, with an already traditional proposal, which the structure of the app has preserved well.


However, the controls have a somewhat difficult positioning, with a poorly optimized size. It's not uncommon for you to confuse the directional buttons with the one for accelerating the descent, which can make all the difference in gameplay. Until you get the habit, you can lose some matches.


Evaluating all the features that the application offers, we can say that it is worth downloading Falling Cubes apk. So, take the opportunity to download it right now and enjoy all the features that the app has for players.