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VPB INC 2.6.14
  • License Free
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  • Downloads 750
  • Size 79.31MB
  • Update 28.07.2021
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Version 2.6.14 Free
Funciona em: Android
Downloads : 750 Atualizado em : 28.07.2021 VPB INC


A complete social network to meet and connect with new people

FaceCast is an international video community featuring young people's favorite short videos, live streams and random video chats, creating a new "social video" era. Facecast is being used by users in more than 150 countries worldwide.

【Main features】
①Live free live
The live broadcast is available to everyone. With no requirement for followers and level limits, you can just go live in the broadcast room and define your favorite cover. As a live stream, you can mute, remove and administer viewers in management.

②Watch Live Streams
Whenever you open the FaceCast app, there are always people broadcasting. Millions of talented presenters, passionate dancers, amazing singers and hilarious comedians, etc. You can also comment on your stream rooms.

③ Editing Logs
FaceCast has many video filters, stickers, effects and music. You can trim, cut and paste the video. In addition, Lip Sync, slow-mo and transition will help you easily create popular videos here.

VídeoShort Funny Video
Facecast has many talented and entertaining video creators. Submit your video to the related topic and challenge it. Once your video is more appreciated, you will receive awards from the official AND you will be famous if your video is in trend.

⑤ Instant messaging chatting
You can chat instantly with your friends on FaceCast. Users can send and receive texts, photos, emojis, videos and voice messages. If you are not a friend, you can only send two messages to other people.

⑥Filters and Stickers
Face filters can help you show your best style on the live stream channel, short videos and chat. You can use a lot of beautiful, funny and cool video effects, all for free. Animated stickers move with your face during transmission

⑦ Get followers and get gifts
Users can get likes and followers easily, because FaceCast will allow everyone to receive viewers. If you have some talents and want to share with others, then you will have many followers. In addition, you can purchase gifts in the live stream, funny short videos and chat with instant messages.

⑧Make close friends
In the Moments area, you can see posts from your friends or users from nearby locations. And you can also post your ideas, which will be seen by friends and strangers. Users can engage with each other and this will increase people's friendship.

【FaceCast highlights】
- Breaking down language barriers with automatic AI translation to conduct unlimited conversations.
- Users can silence, block, remove and report others.
- Make new friends in your area and around the world.
- Talk to the broadcaster and the stars in the living room.
- Watch your favorite videos by regions, like your nation.
- Send and receive many types of hilarious virtual gifts.
- Enjoy and share your moments and memories with others.
- You can meet people from different cultures with different languages.
- Everyone is the same, all users can go live and appear on video.


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