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Thais Martiniano
If you're a cartoon fan, you can't miss this post about everything Disney+ can offer you. Learn more and see how to use this streaming platform!

How to use Disney+ to watch the best videos?

After all, would you like to have at your home a streaming platform that offers movies and cartoons produced just for your family? Just like all original titles, movies, television series, shorts, shows and documentaries. You can see or remember the great classics produced by Walt Disney Television. After all, who has never been enchanted by the best stories? So join us and get to know Disney+.

What is Disney+?

It is a streaming platform with online video subscription services. In which you find TV channels, and the best stories from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and Fox. The biggest box office hits and those old content that so enchanted the public.

Also, there is the production of new and old original titles exclusively for Disney+ in film, series, short, concert and documentary formats. With its country of origin in the United States and recently launched in Brazil.

In addition, the platform has 100 million users, surpassing the expectations of its producers who predicted a much smaller number. In principle, it offers content aimed exclusively at the family. Therefore, it is not allowed to display any content outside the usage standards. There is currently no content produced by Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars on other streaming platforms since the year 2020.

How can I use Disney+?

You purchase your subscription through the official Disney + website, choose whether you want to pay monthly or yearly. Currently, the annual package comes with a discount, which can be paid by credit or debit card. So with your purchased subscription, just enjoy and access it through TV, computer, cell phone, tablet and video game.

You can now share up to four devices at the same time. Also, download movies to watch whenever you want while offline. The process is very simple, making all the content available in 4k HDR. Depending on the speed of your internet, you will have spectacular definition.

The platform provides the Group Watch system, in which it is possible to gather up to six people watching the same movie. However, it requires these people to be logged into the application, or browser. Still, when one of the participants takes an action, all participants will be affected.

With the on demand system, all this in the same application. That way you can watch whatever you want whenever you want, as if you had a video store in your house. However, this type of channel only works on current TV models, on some models you will have to download the app from PlayStore.

What are the benefits of subscribing to Disney+?

The catalog is packed with over 500,000 movies, and 7500 television episodes. Including the cartoons that everyone loves like, Frozen, Moana, High School Musical, Lion King and several other Disney classics. Other movies and series are produced exclusively for the platform.

Are there any downsides to the service?

Currently Disney+ does not provide that free period for the customer to evaluate the performance and quality of the service offered. In contrast, there are companies that offer up to 30 days of free trial. Some customers refer to the original film section as a thing of the past.

However the original and updated TV series are second to none. However, the customer is hostage to the content that is limited to offering their own productions, not being able to access other content. In this way, he ends up being forced to subscribe to other channels, generating a high cost in the end.

One of the negative points that generate complaints is that the catalog does not provide all the episodes at once on the platform. Thus, the client is in expectation wanting to marathon the series and needs to wait for new episodes to be released.

But is it worth it or not to hire the service?

If you are a fan of Disney characters, you will find real treasures. So take a trip through original content and produced exclusively for Disney+ and its customers. Not to mention classic Walt Disney animations. It is currently the only platform where all available Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars movies can be found.

Certainly, you will have at your disposal the programs and series of the television channels of the company. However, it is a channel aimed at children and teenagers, but for those who are a fan and want to enjoy all available content, it is worth watching and everything on demand. So you can watch collections such as the Lion King movies, which is a hit until today, in addition to the latest releases.