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Thais Martiniano

With the Dado Virtual app, everyone's fun is guaranteed

If you like to enjoy board games but you can't play because there's no way to draw the moves, we have the solution! Virtual Data is the application that will save your fun and that of your gaming mates. Learn more details about this tool. Continue reading our article and learn how to use and download Virtual Data on your device.

Discover how Virtual Data can be useful

Virtual Dice is an offline app that serves as a tool for board games and more. In this way, the objective is to draw numbers from a simple six-sided die.

The app is presented in a very simplified and very intuitive 2D platform to use. Continue reading our article and learn the details of the conditions for downloading the Virtual Data app on your Android device.

How to use the Virtual Data app

As we said before, the Virtual Data platform is really very simple and intuitive. In this way, to draw the numbers in the Virtual Data application, you just need to touch the display button.

Ready! Now you have a very useful tool to enjoy your games with friends and count on luck. Be sure to check the conditions for downloading Virtual Data on your Android smartphone. Read on!

Recommendations to download Virtual Data on your Android

To download the Virtual Data app on your Android devices, you must meet an important recommendation. Make sure your device has version 4.0 or higher to use the tool without any problems.

Advantages and disadvantages

Now that you know almost everything about the Dado Virtual application, be sure to check out some more details. We have prepared a list of advantages and disadvantages of using the app on your Android device. Check out!


  • Low battery consumption.
  • Not identified.


It is worth downloading the Dado Virtual app

Virtual Data is a very simple application, perfectly meeting the clear need for its use. The tool is extremely lightweight, consuming only 3 MB of devices memory.

As a result, older and lower-capacity Android devices can install the app without major storage problems. It is important to verify that the operating system of your Android device has the recommended version for its use.

This ensures that the app works perfectly on your devices without any problems. In addition, take the opportunity to visit our blog and check out all our similar apps, games and more tools. Visit!



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