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Cube Escape Collection

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Face different escape rooms and see how far you can get in this incredible adventure, by downloading Cube Escape Collection apk for Android, a challenging game

Take on multiple interconnected escape games in this adventure

Have you ever thought about enjoying several interconnected escape games, where one action influences another? So, when you download Cube Escape Collection apk for Android, you'll find a lot of sensational puzzles to have fun. So, check here how it works and what are the advantages of downloading it on your device.


What is Cube Escape Collection?

Cube Escape Collection is a compilation of escape games in the style of rooms with objects. In 2D scenarios with solo matches in offline mode, you'll find different types of challenges to test your intelligence and reasoning skills.


In all, there are 12 different types of games, each with 4 built-in scenarios. That is, what you find in one can influence the next and so on, until you escape the place. That's why it's important to pay attention to all the details in order to solve the puzzles.


How to play Cube Escape Collection?


To play Cube Escape Collection you need to use your creativity and intelligence. Thus, almost all items in the scenario have interaction. You can find clues, collect and mix objects to reach the end of each part of the game.


So, tap and explore as many locations as you can, taking a good look at the corners and how objects work. Also, it is possible to mix items in your inventory to create new tools that will serve as part of the solution.


How to download Cube Escape Collection apk on Android?

To download Cube Escape Collection apk, take advantage of the download link that we leave here on the page. Thus, you can access the installer and in a few minutes start discovering the solution to the puzzles of this game.


  • excellent graphics;
  • good dynamics;
  • tips when viewing ads;
  • variety of challenges;
  • various levels of difficulty;
  • Simple point and click controls.


  • There is not

我們的觀點 Cube Escape Collection

Check out our app review

Downloading Cube Escape Collection apk on Android can be a fun and interesting alternative for those who like to exercise their mind. The app features several different escape games, with medium and high difficulty levels.


The graphics are very well developed and the response time of the controls is excellent, making the gameplay even more fluid. In addition, the game has an attractive dynamic, which will keep you stuck on the screen until you complete all the challenges.


Also, despite the audio in the interactions being in English, the subtitles are in Portuguese, with greater accessibility for players who do not master another language. Therefore, it is worth downloading Cube Escape Collection apk on Android and seeing how far you can get in the puzzles.