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Citra mmj 3ds emulator

Citra Emulator bed6a4f12
  • License Free
  • 5
  • Downloads 124.144
  • Size 30.23MB
  • Update 02.06.2021
Logo Citra Mmj 3ds Emulator Icon

Citra mmj 3ds emulator

Version bed6a4f12 Free
Funciona em: Android
Downloads : 124.144 Atualizado em : 02.06.2021 Citra Emulator


The best Nintendo 3DS emulator for Android

It is considered as one of the best Nintendo 3DS emulators for PC and can now also download for Android devices. Although this is true, we have an unofficial version: we are talking about Citra.

Recover your Nintendo 3DS games
With this 3DS emulator for mobile you will be able to enjoy the best games of this portable video game from Nintendo again even with a better resolution that this device offers. It is a perfect app for nostalgic gamers and it is certainly based on Dolphin Emulator.

As is usual with this type of software, you can download your APK but you will have to search for the game ROMs yourself, although they are relatively easy to find since there are dozens of sites on the web that offer them. You can retrieve games from the Mario, Zelda, Dragon Ball or Pokémon series and enjoy them again, but this time with the convenience of an Android smartphone or tablet.


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