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Chickens Gun

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Thais Martiniano
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Jump into a 3D world and try to beat every one of your opponents in the survival game Chickens Gun. Like most games, your character is armed to the teeth... but this time, they're a chicken! After installing Chickens Gun, simply choose from one of the two servers available to jump into the action! Armed with a machine gun, you can explore the map and hunt for enemy chickens. Not only that, but this game has easy-to-use controls: simply use the joystick to move your chicken, and tap on the action buttons to attack, shoot, or launch a grenade. Chickens Gun has vehicles scattered across the map, and your chicken can hop in and drive any one of them! Of course, you'll be able to go much faster and reach enemies more quickly when driving a vehicle. Use them to surprise your enemies and shoot them before getting shot yourself! During each game, your character's remaining life points are shown on a bar floating above their head. Overall, Chickens Gun is an entertaining game that's simply packed with action. Its hilarious poultry characters will crack you up as you try to take out all the opponents and be the last chicken standing!