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Logo Cars Fast As Lightning Icon

Cars: Fast as Lightning

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Corre contra as tuas personagens favoritas do filme Carros
Cars: Fast as Lightning is a racing game set in the world of the movie Cars, where you can drive your own car against any of the characters from the film, including, of course, Lightning McQueen himself. Gameplay in Cars: Fast as Lightning is different from most 3D racing games in that you don't have to control the direction, only the speed. So while you'll need to accelerate on the turns and do gestures with your finger to jump or do other special moves, you'll never have to worry about actually turning the wheel. Besides racing, there's also the most fun part of Cars: Fast as Lightning, which is that you can also build and customize your own Radiator Springs. You'll have lots of different items you can add to the track however you want. Although in Cars: Fast as Lightning you start the game with only one car, you can drive up to 20 different vehicles inspired by the film Cars. Of course, first you have to win them. Cars: Lightning Fast as a very simple but fun racing game. Its excellent graphics coupled with its brilliant use of the Cars license and other details, such as the option to collect stickers, make it ideal for both children and adults.