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Bus Simulator 2015

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Bus simulators for Android are one of the hottest things at the moment, after PC successes such as Euro Truck. But how do you know if it's worth it or not to download Bus Simulator 2015?

To help you find the perfect simulator for your matches, we tested Bus Simulator 2015 and covered everything about it in this content. So, follow along until the end to understand the positives and negatives of downloading this app.

What is Bus Simulator 2015?

Bus Simulator 2015 is a very complete bus driver simulator for Android. On a 3D platform, with scenarios in various cities around the world, you'll need to start your story driving different types of cars.

So you can take the kids to school, drive patients to the hospital and even embark on a trip to another city. The main objective is to fulfill the destinations and earn money to move up in the career.

    free trip

Free travel is a free style mode for those who want to train a little before starting to earn money in the game. So, you can drive around the city, pick up passengers (or not) and test how the controls work.


Multiplayer mode when downloading Bus Simulator 2015 is for playing with other real people. This version requires an active internet connection to compete for passengers against other players.


By downloading Bus Simulator 2015, career mode is like your driver's story. He starts with a bus route and needs to complete missions to get better pay and vehicles.

In this way of playing, it is essential to complete all the stops and keep passengers happy. You can switch lines and unlock new options by earning money and experience as a driver.

How to play Bus Simulator 2015?

After downloading Bus Simulator 2015, you will go through the basic intro tutorial. It explains how to use the controls, pick up passengers and the main objectives of each game mode. Overall, the main commands you will use are:

  • D (drive): puts the accelerator in forward mode, to drive with the bus;
  • R (reverse): activates the vehicle's reverse to go back and make maneuvers;
  • accelerator (left side, larger pedal): drives the bus forward in Drive mode and backwards in Reverse mode;
  • brake (right side, smaller pedal): stops the bus or slows down;
  • radio: selects and configures the volume of radio stations (increases passenger happiness);
  • Directional: drive the bus left and right.

Then, you have to drive the bus through the city, stopping at the stops to pick up passengers. The door is open for you to enter and you will see a notice when it closes and you can walk.

Also, you will need to earn coins and experience to unlock new buses, of other models and to take different routes. Take the opportunity to accumulate as much as you can and unlock all styles of vehicles to have even more fun taking passengers to school, hospital and travel.

    Advantages of downloading Bus Simulator 2015

So, when you download Bus Simulator 2015, you'll find some very interesting positive points about how the app works. We leave a list with the main ones for you to check out and find out more about it:

  • offers tutorial for beginners;
  • high immersion
  • well-developed graphics;
  • low storage space;
  • interesting and attractive proposal;
  • variety of challenges.

    Disadvantages of Downloading Bus Simulator 2015

Also, don't forget to also read about the disadvantages of downloading Bus Simulator 2015 for Android. Check out the operating limitations that the application presented during the tests:

  • announcements during matches;
  • complex controls;
  • high battery consumption.

我們的觀點 Bus Simulator 2015

If you like a good bus simulator for Android, it is worth downloading Bus Simulator 2015. It is very complete and has an interesting variety of options to play in different modes.

In addition, the game's dynamics don't make the games boring, and it's super fun to get to know the different scenarios that the app offers. All this in a lightweight option optimized for different types of devices.

However, the controls have high complexity and it takes a while to get the hang of driving. In addition, the game presents a lot of ads during the game, which slightly annoys and detracts from the experience.

But overall it works well, far above the average of current simulators, especially in terms of immersion. It is worth downloading Bus Simulator 2015 for Android and trying out all the fun it provides.

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