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Bad Piggies

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Os porcos do Angry Birds estão de volta!
Bad Piggies is a fusion of a platform and puzzle game, in which you control the frightful little green pigs, the infamous enemies of the Angry Birds, that on this occasion are the main characters of the adventure. The objective of the game is to build a contraption using the objects that are provided at the beginning of each level so the pigs can get to different places on the map. With these contraptions and your imagination, you can build cars, planes, and many other crazy vehicles. Once you have built your means of transportation with the more than 30 objects that the game offers, the time comes to drive it, something that normally doesn't turn out very good, and usually ends up with the vehicle destroyed and your piggies flying through the air. The game is made up of 60 different levels in which you have to use your ingenious and skill to complete the many objectives assigned to you. In addition, once you earn three stars in each level, you unlock thirty additional levels. And if that weren't enough, when you finish all the missions and collect all the skulls, you can access the sandbox mode, which basically allows you to do whatever you want on a level without any set objectives. Bad Piggies is an outstanding game that, among many other things, is much more stimulation than Angry Birds. Of course, to take full advantage of Bad Piggies, you'll have to think out each move a lot more.