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Thais Martiniano
Take the cows to the mother ship so they can be abducted and don't let them fall to the ground by downloading Abduction apk, an adventure from another planet

What is the Abduction app?

The Abduction! is an action game for Android where you have to take the cows to the alien spaceship to be abducted. However, the way there is full of challenges and you have to keep jumping to win each stage.


The objective is to use the movement of the cell to hit the platforms, without falling into the void. The app features online ranking, but the match mode is singleplayer offline. In the paid version it is possible to compete with other players online.


How to play Abduction on Android?

To play Abduction on Android you just need to move your device to one side or the other. That's right, move your cell phone to move the character around the platforms without letting him fall, until you complete one of the modes available for the game:

    adventure (adventure)

In the adventure mode of the game Abduction you will find levels with progressive difficulty. In them, the main objective is to reach the alien spaceship that is at the end of the path through the platforms. The more the sky darkens, the closer to the end of the level you will be.

    Challenge (challenge)

In addition to the traditional mode, you can also play in challenge style. Thus, at each level you have to fulfill a goal (how to reach the top in a certain time). As you progress, the challenges get more and more difficult.

    Quick start

In Abduction's quick match mode, you can choose the difficulty you want to play with. So, there are no goals, just get as high as you can to win matches in the modes:


  • kids (for children);
  • easy(easy);
  • medium (medium);
  • hard (hard);
  • infinite (infinity);
  • evil infinite.


Take the opportunity to download Abduction! apk on android

So, how about downloading Abduction apk and start enjoying this adventure? To do this, just click on the button here at the top of the page and download the installer. So, in a few minutes you can start enjoying the game on Android.


  • graphic quality;
  • simple controls;
  • various game modes;
  • does not display ads;
  • free app


  • crashes and slowdowns;
  • may not run on some devices.

我們的觀點 Abduction!

See our review of the Abduction app

By downloading Abduction apk you will find a very simple but fun app. It is very reminiscent of standard Google games, but with better graphics. The scenarios are well done and the structure of the game fulfills the proposal it promises.


However, the game was developed for older versions of the Android operating system. So, it may not work properly on newer devices. So, if you notice design flaws, this could be the reason for the problems in the app.


But overall, it is worth downloading Abduction apk on Android and enjoying the games it offers. The game is very simple and doesn't have a defined plot, being an excellent hobby option for those who want faster apps.