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        BitTorrent, Inc. 1.8.7 build 45548
        • License Free
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        • Size 4.07MB
        • Update 12.10.2020
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        Version 1.8.7 build 45548 Free
        Funciona em:
        Downloads : 4 Atualizado em : 12.10.2020 BitTorrent, Inc.


        Uma das melhores escolhas para baixares torrents
        self includes a search bar in the upper right corner that lets you find the all the latest torrents, although you can also download these file containers from other places on the Internet and add them to uTorrent yourself later. It’s also compatible with so-called magnet links, that is, links around the web that you can click on to directly open your download client and add to your downloads list, meaning you won’t have to download any files straight to your computer. This in turn reduces the chance of stumbling on malicious software. Some of uTorrent’s features are: simultaneous downloads of multiple files, the option to limit the bandwidth consumption for the full program or each torrent, rapid restart of interrupted downloads, and the ability to select what you want to download from a pack of several files. Moreover, uTorrent supports downloads of syndicated content via RSS feeds. Therefore, you can subscribe to special feeds to download certain torrents regularly.


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