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ZOOM Cloud Meetings

  • License Free
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  • Downloads 99
  • Size 134.15MB
  • Update 31.08.2021
Logo Zoom Cloud Meetings Icon

ZOOM Cloud Meetings

Version Free
Funciona em: Android
Downloads : 99 Atualizado em : 31.08.2021 zoom.us


Faça chamadas de vídeo de alta qualidade de casa

Do you know how to use Zoom Cloud Meetings?

With the need to connect people across distance, several applications have emerged with the aim of strengthening relationships. That's why Zoom Cloud Meeting is one of those apps that help you communicate. So, if you want to know a little more about how it works, keep reading and we'll tell you everything you need to know.

What is Zoom Cloud Meetings?

Zoom Cloud Meetings is a video conferencing platform where you can hold video meetings with up to 500 participants. In this way, it works like a big room where you can gather several people remotely and individually. In other words, if you want, you can deny entry to participants only for those who have authorization. Pretty cool, isn't it?

How does Zoom Cloud Meetings work?

It works more or less similar to other platforms in the segment, such as Skype and Google Meet. However, the difference is that you can get many more people using Zoom Cloud Meetings. So, it's great for those who want to hold corporate meetings, online lectures and other events that bring a lot of people together.

In addition, you can also share documents and presentations from your screen. Also, you can invite people through a link, and create restricted rooms where participants request access and you need to authorize entry. It's a very practical way to get people connected, and it works all over the world. All it takes is medium quality internet at the very least.

Is it working well?

Overall, Zoom Cloud Meetings works excellently. It has no oscillations, malfunctions and the tools are very complete. However, your internet capacity may affect call stability somewhat. Therefore, always use a quality broadband when connecting to improve the transmitted and received audio and video.

Are there any downsides to Zoom Cloud Meetings?

One of the negative points is the big limitation that the free version has. To free up more features, you need to sign up for a plan and make the monthly payment. For example, in the free version, meetings can only last up to 40 minutes. If you need more time than that, you'll have to open a new meeting and get the participants back into the room.

Also, in the simple version of the plan (which currently costs R$60.00), you can accommodate up to 100 people. If you need more space than that, you won't be able to get all your invitees to a meeting in this version. So if you want to gather distant friends or family, 40 minutes is the time limit for the conversation to happen.

Is it worth downloading this app?

If you're looking for a platform to connect socially, or for small events, it's a good idea to think about it. It may be that other platforms free and without limitation are more suitable for what you need. Thus, they consume less space and can even be used by the browser, and without great tool limits.

However, if you need a space to host large events remotely, this app is perfect for your conditions. Also, if you have a company and you will need to have large meetings periodically, it is also a super functional app. And it's still worth paying the subscription.

But if you enjoyed the content and were super interested in knowing more about this type of app, we'll help you. Here on the blog we have several articles about apps for you to enjoy and know what is available on the market. So, always follow our content, which here we provide quality apps!


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