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Thais Martiniano
Tudo o que você precisa para trabalhar com arquivos compactados

How to use ZArchiver to compress files?

Very large files can be a problem when sharing. Thus, it is also important to have an app on your cell phone that you can compress and make them smaller. This is the function of ZArchiver, an application to help you extract and compress files. So if you want to know how it works, just keep reading this article until the end to find out.

What are the main features of ZArchiver?

With ZArchiver you can create compressed files on your cell phone very easily, in various extensions. In addition, it can also extract files from compressed folders and transport them to its internal storage. Still, it has more or less the basic functions of a file manager, and it works well in that respect.

Another very interesting function is that you can preview the files before extracting, without having to take them out of the folder to see what they are. There is also the possibility for you to choose the compression level of the files, according to your needs at the moment. And if you want security, you can also use this app to assign passwords to the files you want to preserve.

What extensions does it support?

When you create compressed files, it can develop ZIP, 7Z, BZIP2, XZ, TAR and GZIP formats. However, when it comes to extracting the ones you receive, it is much more complete. Thus, it can unzip in RAR, ZIP, ISO, TAR, CAB, LZMA, 7Z extensions, in addition to many other known formats.

Why is it important to have this app on my phone?

We often have some files on our cell phone that have a large size. This way, it is more difficult to be able to send, depending on the means of forwarding. For example, Gmail only allows you to send files that are 25MB in size. So how do you get to share what you need?

Thus, you can use a file archiver to “squeeze” into a folder and make them smaller. What happens is that you use these types of apps to be able to greatly reduce the size and send the way you prefer. Undoubtedly it's worth having an app like this on your cell phone, to help you in your daily routine.

However, if you want to see other options, here on the blog we have some available. Then, you can read several other articles on the subject. That way, you stay on top of apps that can help you improve your smartphone experiences, have fun and even bring you important functions for work.



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