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Logo Worldbox Sandbox God Simulator Icon

WorldBox Sandbox God Simulator

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Thais Martiniano
Crie e destrua os mundos com a ponta dos dedos.loiujhgv
WorldBox is a 'sandbox' game -- literally. It's a sandbox. That being said, now you can create and destroy whole worlds at your whim, using nothing more than your fingertip. The idea backing this game is similar to the late and great 'The Sandbox' saga, but this time it comes with a slight twist. You'll be playing from a much wider perspective in terms of the vantage point the game unfolds in. From your lower corner, you'll find there's a whole list of tools you'll need in order to effectively create and destroy each of your worlds. Everything from fertile soil, sand, freshwater, sea water, forests and much more are there for you to choose from. Simply selecting one of these tools and tapping on screen has you creating your world. But, you could also potentially use the other elements listed there to just as quickly destroy it via thunderbolts, acid rain, or even bombs. Another interesting element you can introduce into your world is humanity. Plop down a few people and watch as they build villages, roads and watch in awe as they go about their lives independently. You can also throw in a couple of other species including animals, insects and much more. WorldBox is a fun 'sandbox'. Try your hand at creating and destroying worlds from one moment to the next. Discover hidden synergies and surprises as you go, but most of all, enjoy the charming pixelated graphics.