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The Road Driver

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Dirija várias rotas de ônibus do início ao fim

Work driving with this driving simulator for Android

Driving simulators are excellent options for those who want to experience the road. Among the most popular options, you can download The Road Driver on Android and enjoy high immersion. See in this content how to download and the main advantages of the application.

What is The Road Driver?

The Road Driver is a driving simulator game for Android. It has an offline singleplayer game mode where you can start a career in the transport business. Take on the entrepreneur in you and start your own logistics empire.

How to play The Road Driver on Android?

The game has a tutorial for beginners, where it is possible to know the main commands of the application. First, it is necessary to select the region to run, since each one has different maps.

In the beginning, you don't have enough money to buy a vehicle of your own. Then, you will have to carry out tasks for the carrier until you gather enough value to open your own company.

Discover some main menu functions and what you can do in each one. Take the opportunity to understand how to earn money, buy your vehicles and make the driver look like you:

  • carrier: work to earn money and buy vehicles;
  • garage: shows the vehicles you already own (minus the carrier);
  • vehicle shop: buy new buses and trucks to run;
  • vehicle workshop: customize and customize purchased vehicles;
  • fines: fines received during the trips and the value of each one;
  • look: change your character's look and clothes;
  • Photography: Take photos during your favorite travels.

Download The Road Driver on Android

In addition to knowing all the advantages of the app, here on the Uoldown page you can also download The Road Driver apk. Discover in full all the functionality of the application by having in your list of favorite games.


  • platform in Portuguese;
  • good graphics and visual quality;
  • offers tutorial for beginners;
  • good variety of challenges;
  • high immersion;
  • player's freedom of choice.
  • amount of ads during the match;
  • little variation of maps to drive.


  • amount of ads during the match;
  • little variation of maps to drive.

我們的觀點 The Road Driver

The Road Driver is a truck driver life simulator for Android where you can work driving and delivering. Thus, you can start your business by purchasing vehicles with the money you earn.

The app presents an excellent platform, very accessible and entirely in Portuguese. With average quality graphics, but well done and interactive, it has a dynamic that favors the user's freedom of choice.

However, there are some very important bugs in the scenario. For example, when you get on the bus, the driver falls under the seat. Or even when a bus hits you and ends up blocking your direction.

With that, it is a good option to download The Road Driver, but not one of the best. There are other bus simulators that can be more interesting, if you are looking for high immersion, but without operating problems.

So, if you want to know these other options, just continue here and see more truck simulation games. Check out the best apps, with ratings, working reviews and all the information about them.