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Test DPC

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Thais Martiniano
Test dpc is an application for analyzing and visualizing the components of other Android apps

Test DPC is a mobile application, used by developers of other applications to test functionalities, reactions and possibilities from basic test data, in an environment that does not interfere with the original functions of the application and, consequently, of the device.

Download Test DPC
Once downloaded, you create one or more experimentation environments with your login for you to freely control the device's functions on top of one or more applications, seeing how each of them behaves in the context managed within the testdpc settings.

To try out the functions, you can use your own profile, as the owner of the device, or create a new unique profile, specifically for testing. Another possibility offered by test dpc apk is the creation of work profiles, where the settings can be worked as standard or in different ways, which gives answers about what works best in the application. Furthermore:

Enable work applications;

Set application restrictions;

Manage security policies;

DPC stands for Device Policy Controller, or, translated, Device Policy Controller application, used for enterprise mobility management (EMM).

The IT professional sets the policies with software provided by the EMM provider. The EMM software communicates with the dpc on the device, managing the settings and behavior of the work profile on the device.

And with testdpc, it is possible to get an implementation reference of other device policy controllers like it, expanding the range of possibilities for the Android apk developer.

Sample developer, the company responsible for the test dpc apk, offers the application's source code for developers to check the data and settings further. That way you can have more confidence in the app to control the device.

The application is free and can test many applications and brings numerous exclusive possibilities for Android developers, especially in APK (Android Package), a package file for downloading apps outside Google's Android store.